Smartphone Awards 2018!

Smartphone Awards 2018!

The best of smartphones in 2018!

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Top Big Phones [0:53]
Best Compact Phones [2:33]
Best Cameras [4:26]
Best Battery Life [5:54]
The Design Award [7:42]
Top Budget Phones [9:13]
Biggest Bust [10:39]
Most Improved [11:33]
MVP [12:49]

Galaxy Note 9 Review:
Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review:
iPhone XS Review:
Google Pixel 3 Review:
Samsung Galaxy S9 Review:
iPhone XR Review:
RED Hydrogen One Review:
Oppo Find X Review:
Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Review:
Razer Phone 2:
OnePlus 6T Review:

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65 Responses

  1. Marques Brownlee says:

    Samartphone… you know what… I’m just gonna embrace that typo. I totally meant that. Welcome to the samartphone awards.

  2. Mauri QHD says:

    its hilarious to know that more than probably, all the CEO´s of phone companies, are watching this

  3. Learn says:

    I really missed ” hey what’s up guys MKBHD here” ???

  4. Sebastian says:

    Where is my note 9 Squad?

  5. Wal Does says:

    Note 9 : the best full package ?

  6. Libin Rajan says:

    MKBHD’s Typo Caught You 2:35 ?

    • Justin Pollonais says:

      I’m sure that typo is annoying the hell out of him. In the biggest video of the year for him

    • Andrei Demeny says:

      It baffles me how a YouTube channel this big can miss a typo during production. Oh well…

    • Saiful Bahrin says:

      Lol. Typo started at 1:00

    • howdydutt1e says:

      +Andrei Demeny He does all his own editing. One man crew.

    • Andrei Demeny says:

      +howdydutt1e I assumed that but I didn’t wanna blame him in particular. It’s stil weird to have typos in the final edit, especially since he doesn’t do much text in his videos. How could you not notice a typo in one of your 7 or 8 transition card titles… It’s a shame because it shows that he’s very particular about his flawless visual style.

      But I feel we’re already making too big a deal out of this, after all it’s a typo.

  7. Hirens says:

    So glad that OnePlus did get what they deserve!

  8. Broseidon: Lord of the Brocean says:

    OnePlus 6 gang, we did it! (Well OnePlus team did it, but I’ve been following them since the OnePlus One)

  9. ROSHAN ROSh says:


  10. RaptorRex 007 says:

    And the best video editing award goes to MKBHD

  11. Pulkit Kumar says:

    After saving for almost 2 years, bought the OnePlus 6T…..and watching this video on the 6T, it’s so satisfying. ??

  12. Clorox Bleach says:

    You know you’re the top tech youtuber when you wear a suit for a video ??

  13. Sree Darsan Buddy says:

    Having One Camera Got 1st In Best Samartphone (?) Camera for the year
    Having 2 Camera got 2nd & 3Camera got 3rd ?

    • Alacod19 says:

      quality over quantity… software is king in smartphone cameras, slapping 3 cameras on a phone doesnt make it better just means they need tripple the hardware to achieve the same results as one camera with good software. the only advantage to adding more cameras is gimmick features like iphons xs 3D shopping.

  14. harry andrews says:

    Watching on my oneplus 6t 🙂

  15. Girdhar Wetal says:

    From description…
    Top Big Phones [0:53]
    Best Compact Phones [2:33]
    Best Cameras [4:26]
    Best Battery Life [5:54]
    The Design Award [7:42]
    Top Budget Phones [9:13]
    Biggest Bust [10:39]
    Most Improved [11:33]
    MVP [12:49]

  16. Max Miller says:

    Best innovative smartphone of the year ? Huwayei Mate 20 Pro
    Best gaming smartphone of the year ? Asus ROG phone

  17. Wow hola Daw says:

    Damn u look hot…

    Will smith : ahh that’s hot , that’s hot …

  18. Melroy Rodrigues says:

    MKBHD finishes 2018 in style …
    Hoping for the best of 2019

  19. JuanPedroTV says:

    This video is gold ???

  20. Twatical says:

    Yeah but can they run black berry messenger

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