Smashed Nuts Taste Test

Smashed Nuts Taste Test

How well can we all guess these smashed nuts in the latest taste test game?!  GMMore #1490

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95 Responses

  1. QDafireworks says:

    I love it when the mythical kids are in episodes!!!

  2. OneInchDeep says:

    Nothing like fathers and sons bonding over some crushed nuts… After having crushed nuts.

  3. Arshia B says:

    One dislike? Seriously? What’s to dislike?

  4. Ilya kim says:

    Shepherd has the same appetite as his dad lmao

  5. the invisible me says:

    I don’t want to have kids, but if I ever had one I would like him to be like Lando

  6. Beautifully Boring Life Of Boxboy says:

    Lando is the cutest kid of all time

  7. Adam says:

    “No hard feelings, except in my testicle region” I wish you would’ve worded that better link.

  8. Emmaleigh Wurzdorf says:

    It amuses me that Link is less mad after getting kicked in the nuts twice than he was losing a pizza crust guessing game lol

  9. Nai Nai says:

    Lando clearly looks up to Shepherd and its so damn cute.

    • Felicia says:

      +Valiant Lion pls tell me you read my sarcasm

    • Valiant Lion says:

      +Felicia I read your pretentiousness too! ?

    • Felicia says:

      +Valiant Lion I think you are reading to much into this. Im also going to assume you are making this comment on my sarcasm and not my character?
      You were joking, I was joking. But immediatly I am getting an eye roll emoji, an assumtion that Im dense and maybe a snarky remark on my personality.
      Again. You were joking and then I was. Full stop.

    • Valiant Lion says:

      +Felicia I think you’re reading to much into my emoji lol.

    • AidGuin The Gamer says:

      I’m kinda embarrassed because I thought that they were both rhetts kids but then I was like nah that’s shep (the shirts didn’t help)

  10. mira ann says:

    Lando was being way too adorable at the beginning.

  11. Why Should I says:

    Shepherd is just a mini Rhett.

  12. Suzanne Snow says:

    Lando is so sweet and Shepard is a little stinker but they are so cute!

  13. Gabriela S says:

    Lando is so cute, looking after his dad❤️ and Shep definitely takes after his dad ? haha

  14. milkman man says:

    It would be cool for the boys to start a kids version on GMM.

  15. Molly LaBranche says:

    Lando melts my heart. Such a sweetheart!!

  16. smocking covfefe says:

    *Lando scolding Shep for putting*
    *his spit-out nuts on the table…*

    *like father like son lol*

    • Alex In Wonderland says:

      Samantha Port thanks ! Sorry if I sounded defensive or offended you at all in my earlier comments. That really wasn’t my intention at all ?

    • Ruta B says:

      +Alex In Wonderland it’s true though, phobias are learnt behaviours

    • Samantha Port says:

      +Ruta B not necessarily. My little sister had an insane phobia of dogs despite never having a negative interaction with them in her entire life. I’m talking screaming and literally clawing her way up the nearest tall person’s body to get away from a dog that was across the street and not being threatening in the least, that’s how serious it was. She got through it with counseling (mostly, now at 14 years old she still gets nervous around medium to large dogs and hides behind the nearest adult) and we have a dog of our own now, but there was no root cause for her fears. That’s the thing about phobias, they are often totally irrational and have no logical explanation.

    • Ruta B says:

      +Samantha Port so did you spend 24 hours with her since her birth and can say she 100% never had a traumatizing event that involved a dog? Phobias are learnt behaviours, you cannot use anecdotal evidence as facts.

    • Samantha Port says:

      +Ruta B ? my mom and stepdad were with her and she never experienced anything negative with dogs – she never even had the opportunity to. It’s a fear she had basically from birth. I’m just saying that _some_ phobias are inherent and not learned – you can’t say they are _all_ learned behaviors.

  17. Jacob Anderson says:

    Link was right, peanuts are in fact legumes, not nuts, as they grow underground as opposed to on tress like other nuts. They are more closely related to beans and peas.

  18. Ashley May says:

    Links son is so adorable his little voice is so precious I can’t even!

  19. SuperJanGames says:

    Your boys are the spitting image of you guys! Love when they’re on. It feels like just a few years ago, we were watching the video of Link in the hospital introducing Lando to the world. Time flies.

    • Agent Fungus says:

      We’re showing our age by remembering this.
      I ‘member when Link asked his wife if she wanted to be on YT shortly after Lando’s birth and she answered NO. That was too funny.
      Rhett’s and Link’s wives are so tolerant.
      I’m 60 YO. What a weird way to make a living by being YT stars.

  20. SuperJanGames says:

    *”Shep, what have I done to you, man? Let’s be friends!”* Aww, Link!

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