SMG4: If Mario Was The Last Man On Earth

SMG4: If Mario Was The Last Man On Earth

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Mario’s all alone…

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32 Responses

  1. SMG4 says:

    Mario’s got no friends
    3 DAYS LEFT to get the KS-2 Band Merch on SALE!!🤘

  2. Pixelcraftian says:

    SMG4 heard people saying “Mario keeps getting interrupted by other characters” and went to the maximum lmao. Honestly though, this is a really good episode!!! Do want to see more Mario-focused episodes like this more!!

  3. John Doe says:

    Im… genuinely surprised by this outcome. Mario’s friends left him alone, without leaving so much as a note, making him go insane, you can see how sad mario was, he actually cares for his friends and their wellbeing. This wasnt mario’s fault, he’s just mario, and I’m surprised he wasnt crying when he finally seen his friends alive. Nobody should blame mario for this.

  4. The Jon Brown Show says:

    Just watched all of it, and I’d say this episode was… Intriguing lol feel almost like there’s hints of something larger at play(namely the computer monitor person… Hope it’s Stanley), but interesting end, I was expecting Mario to somehow dodged out the way in a character development type fashion with the buildup to the moment, but c’est la vie…

    • The Jon Brown Show says:

      @Rafael Rivera Stanley from Stanley’s parable, cheap game that recently got deluxe version on steam and other consoles like switch, smg4 sometime during his first years did a video of that with the original in mind, I’d suggest checking it out, the monitor situation here matches the ending of his old video is… Uncannily familiar a bit lol

    • Rafael Rivera says:

      @Gracekim23 yeah whos stanley?

    • Gracekim23 says:

      Who’s Stanley?

    • PocketXyco says:

      Thats the thing that is fucking me up the most

  5. SpiderNinja211 says:

    I mean to be fair, you did just leave him with absolutely no warning, this is on you guys. You deserve this.

  6. Foof of Death says:

    I love the Conker’s Bad Fur Day reference at the beginning of this episode, seeing Stupid Mario have this hangover-esque episode was fantastic!

  7. Max Mikester says:

    I like how they all got angry at Mario but lets be real, this was their own downfall by having everyone leave Mario out and making him go mentally insane.

  8. SML05 - SuperMarioLuigi05 says:

    This may be the perfect time to say… Nobody loves Mario for who he is.

    • Juice B3X says:

      Ye and it’s sadly true. His friends even went out to make Mario “smart” and then hated that version too and that SMG4’s USB was the reason why Mario is who he is

  9. William Allcorn says:

    Man I hope this arc is going to be about Mario needing to be a better friend. He has his moments, but he really hurts people around him -a lot-… Especially when he gets even a modicum of power at his disposal.

  10. Ying Tyson says:

    Saw the video title and immediately had a rough idea of what was going to happen next… These videos never fail to make me laugh.

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