SMITE – Avatar Battle Pass – Available July 2020!

SMITE – Avatar Battle Pass – Available July 2020!

Join Zuko, Aang, and Avatar Korra on the Battleground of the Gods with the Avatar Battle Pass! Available July 2020 in SMITE!

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90 Responses

  1. aris peri says:

    and they brought me back after a year of not playing WOW

  2. João L says:

    Chang’é – Yue
    Tera – Toph
    Yemoja – Katara
    Mulan – Suki
    Baccus – Iroh
    Jormungandr – Unagi
    Nox- Hama
    Ratatosk – Momo
    Cerberus – Appa
    Pele – Azula

    Its prob not happening but imagine ittttt

    (If u like ATLA and TLOK add me on the gameee so we can play tgther sz nick:Athomicboy)

  3. Forosqueto Furingos says:

    My favorite cartoon/show is going to Smite, and i wasn’t even playing Smite anymore…
    Oh sht, here we go again

  4. Angel Santos says:

    Can we get a Momo skin for Rat?😂

  5. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    I like the Zuko Susano skin, but someday we gotta have a Samurai Jack skin

  6. LengkapGan says:

    Okay i was never play this game for like 2 years

    tbh this has me, well done an old player cominf back

  7. MrDemeanor says:

    If we don’t get a “That’s Rough Buddy” voice line, we riot

  8. Lawless Phantom says:

    Damn i thought zuko would be agni, would of been dope if toph was a skin for terra or katara for yemoja but at least we get zuko and aang

  9. Conn Hann says:

    When that momo ratatoskr comin out tho

  10. Oni Oni says:

    Oh I’m downloading this game back quick! Haven’t played in almost 3 years!

    • Connor Machin says:

      If that’s the case then those skins are for gods that have been released since you last played.

    • Ulises Weroleytor says:

      @Connor Machin I’ve known about Smite for a while but never played it, are they really only skins not characters? I guess I’ll continue not playing it then… :c

  11. FatalWarGhost says:

    I can most deff see a return to this battle pass in the future with different characters. I can see how hype people are and I am too.

  12. Luke Stoerger says:


    Imagine an Azula skin for Pele

  13. Umomo says:

    This might be the first battle pass I might actually buy in smite.

  14. Gavin Range says:

    Anyone else want a Sokka Ao Kuang, where the execute is him riding Appa.

  15. Danyko says:

    Zuko’s “that’s too bad!” must be “that’s rough, buddy”, please!
    And his “hello!” could be “hello, Zuko here”.

  16. God of Warhammer says:

    Marvel Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover in History

  17. bailey Swinson says:

    smite a week ago: madness falls upon man, the old gods return, c’thulu rises.

    smite today: heres your childhood 🙂

  18. Red Blade Renegade says:

    Me: I don’t like MOBAs. There’s nothing they have to make me play the-
    Titan Forge: Here, have Aang and Zuko as character skins!
    Me: *Avatar State YIP YIP!*

    • Yunis Rajab says:

      @Throckmortius The Bold bruh thanks for saving me the download

    • Lag says:

      Throckmortius The Bold or you could just play and earn it

    • Very angry car says:

      Throckmortius The Bold getting max isn’t really hard there a 2x battle pass boosters and like 10 conquest matches with 2x gets you high

    • MrNuckle says:

      @Throckmortius The Bold yes but u can lvl you to max or not? Battlepass is 10.99?

    • Lokela Medeiros says:

      @Yunis Rajab The Pass will most likely cost less than 20 dollars. Just like the previous ones. And you will progress through the pass quicker if you do. Or you could do it all for free at a slower pace. Either way, the game is free to download and play though.

  19. Natsu Dragneel says:

    Me: Telling all my friends that Avatar is coming to Smite
    My friends: tHeRe’S nO wAy ThAt’s GoInG tO hApPen!!!!

    “They called me a Madman.”

  20. Keishen Lloyd says:

    That wasn’t Dante voicing Zuko, but God DAMN that really sounded like Aang.

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