SMITE | Cthulhu has awakened

SMITE | Cthulhu has awakened

Cthulhu, The Great Dreamer, has awoken from his eternal slumber. Prepare for a power the likes of which no one has ever seen.

Prepare for madness.

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79 Responses

  1. a 14 year old Mongolian boy says:

    It’s cool that Zeus didn’t go mad after seeing Cthulhu. He’s an Olympian and King of the Gods after all.

    • Gabriel Hughes says:

      @M12GProductions Nit really because it stated that The Elders Gods go against The Great old ones and The outer gods as well. In fact there no real victory on any sides.

    • Gabriel Hughes says:

      @M12GProductions yeah However also in the Cthulhu mythology. Cthulhu also got beat by aliens before I’d forgot the aliens name but I’d know the Great old ones can be defeated maybe not killed but they can be stop.

    • M12GProductions says:

      @Black Moon Knight who are gods? Cthulhu is worshipped by the human race, was born from a god, and certainly can stack up against gods, but the real gods of the Mythos (at least, the main pantheon as written by HPL himself, there are others) are the Outer Gods. Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, and Azathoth.

    • M12GProductions says:

      @Makai Ridah hell, Cthulhu can make people insane just by being in range of his psychic projections. They don’t even need to know of his existence.

    • Daniel Wilson says:

      @M12GProductions funnily enough there’s a comparable instance in Greek mythology, that if tyhon’s first appearance. Zeus was the only one of two Gods who weren’t immediately broken by terror. so this is about right.

  2. Ares Oblivion says:

    Cthulhu: look upon my face and go insane.

    Zeus: I’m looking and I’m not impressed.

  3. Laura says:

    Wow i must admit the smite team is always surpassing themselves cinematic after cinematic.. nice job! You rock!

  4. RatSlush says:

    I’m going to dedicate my life to becoming a cthulhu main.

  5. CLAYMØRE says:

    And now by the laws the seal me I have to reinstall this game.

  6. PCP99 says:

    Now i want lore lady introducing cthulhu in his language

  7. angelotus17 says:

    Just like how Olorun was done watching, Cthulhu is done sleeping

    • JAS says:

      @x- axis They’re not supposed to be beaten

    • Who Kwnos says:

      @x- axis Yeah, like the dude above said they aren’t supposed to be beaten. They were made as a way to show that the universe is uncertain and cruel, nothing is true and nothing depends on humans.

    • Metatron says:

      @Who Kwnos worst bit is the Old Ones are nothing in the overall cosmic scale. The Elder gods and Outer gods dwarf them and the small gods of earth more than they dwarf humans.

    • Lucas José says:

      @Aidanandallthat Nyarlathotep would be nice.

    • CIA says:

      @x- axis i dont see any “goddamn powerful” characteristics, they just kill humans basically like other death gods in smite or any other mythology are way more powerful

  8. Mr Shalabi says:

    Imagine if his 1st ability would turn enemy minions to his side.

    • Harold Moakley says:

      Images if thats his ult bit its map wide… bru that would be BUSTED on conquest

    • Craniac 324 says:

      I hope not that would be a waste. Unless it’s a damage ability and if minions are hit by it they will temporally be under Cthullu’s control (If they survive)

    • *Cypher_ Willow says:

      That wouldn’t be useful when it comes to late games and jungle fights, but it’ll be strong if its near the Titan also they should like add buffs, because of fire minions.

    • Lorenzo Moseley says:

      I think it would be cool if he just takes control of one minion, but when he takes control of it you would actually control the minion. And perhaps the longer you control it some sort if madness buff could be applied which could enhance the minion. And if cthulu was a tank perhaps he could become immune to damage while this ability was active and because of the nature of the buff it would mean enemies would have to prioritise the minion before it got too strong.

    • Darius Donald says:

      Enhance minions

  9. OctoOcto says:

    Azazoth be like: “Damn this dream is lit!”

    • MagicHowy says:

      Yog Sothoth when 😤

    • THE VOID says:

      @Ricardo “BTC” yeah they dropped the ball hard on jormungandr too bad I was looking forward to him

    • Defiantly Not a Karsist says:

      Kind of hope they dont add azothoth, I’m all for adding te rest if the great old ones but adding the outer gods as actual playable characters would detract from them I think, mabye if they added manifestations if them as bosses. But other than that

    • kdokdosSHADOWijfdifj says:

      @Defiantly Not a Karsist you’re right but I dont think they would

    • Metatron says:

      @Defiantly Not a Karsist Nyarlathotep could work. He’s a lot more prone to messinf around with avatars than the other outer gods.

  10. gamerjoshwhite97 says:

    Man I hope he doesn’t have a cat or hirez is in trouble. You Lovecraft fans know what I’m saying 😂

  11. Veronica Surratt says:

    So that’s where my gems went…

  12. dRedDevilb says:

    Never really expected for hirez to dive into Eldritch gods too.

    Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  13. Wing X Custom says:

    _That is not dead which can eternal lie._

    _And with strange aeons even death may die._

    *Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!*

  14. DrDasterdly 42 says:

    “That which is not dead yet may eternal lie, with strange eons even death may die.”


  15. Hatmaster says:

    Whether you think he should be in the game or not, this trailer is REALLY well made! Bravo!
    It’ll be interesting to see his kit

  16. Hunter Blakeney says:

    Medusa: *turns people into stone*
    Cthulhu: Hold my beer

    • THE VOID says:

      @ShillienKnight90 I’d rather be turned to stone then have the very essence of my mind and being destroyed so far beyond repair that I lose it forever …… At least turning to stone would be a quicker end and a more merciful one

    • francisco safar says:

      @ShillienKnight90 All of you are forgetting something, Cthulhu is not just about insanity, in fact that’s not even a “power” of his, it’s just a byproduct of the human psyche being unable to cope with his existance. No, Cthulhu is all about reality bending, his interactions with the world, be it physical or psychic, disrupts the fabric of reality, the basic principles of physics get shattered, and your own body bends to his will, look at the deep ones, in some stories its reveal that they once were humans.

    • Ali Gokalp says:

      @ShillienKnight90 Hard disagree i’d rather turn to stone then go literally insane by the mere concept of seeing something so out of this world that my brain can’t process now that what you call horror.

    • Gabriel Hughes says:

      @Ali Gokalp Truth

    • ShillienKnight90 says:

      @THE VOID i was talking more of the perspective of Cthulu turn the enemy to stone and be done whit it.

  17. Wiktor Kitowski says:

    This opens a very interesting pantheon. Maybe more gods from it in future? 😛

  18. Gabriel Barnett says:

    Zeus is just there to get ready to interview this guy

    • Stewie Steward says:

      I was ur 69th like… ur welcome 😂

    • Florian Dupille says:

      Zeus : “I’m gonna shove my shield right up your @ss, and then makes my bolts bounce on it. You’ll tell me about insanity !”

    • Gabriel Barnett says:

      @Stewie Steward nice

    • Gabriel Hughes says:

      Right Zeus like okay let’s see what you can do

    • DarkMephiles says:

      Zeus: Where do you see yourself in 5 eons?
      Cthulhu: I don’t know. Wiping out another civilization for fun maybe? Ambition is more a Yog-Sothoth thing. I’m not going to lie. Last time I woke up I bumped my head on a steamboat, then went back to sleep.

  19. Inanna Jade says:

    *Cthulu rises from the sea as a giant eldritch abomination*
    *Cthulu Voice Pack* “Hello!”

  20. Kugeki says:

    AMC : Wait-
    Cthulhu : You’re illegal

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