SML Movie: Junior’s Valuable Toy!

SML Movie: Junior’s Valuable Toy!

Junior opens a valuable toy!

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33 Responses

  1. AwesomeMarioBros says:

    The fact that they laugh in the middle of scenes just makes the video 10 times funnier lol

  2. Lonely Sandwich says:

    i like that logan is being more relaxed with showing people in the background, and laughing during the scenes

  3. Mr. AutisticTV says:

    I can’t believe that this channel is already 3 quarters to 1 million subscribers even thought it has been up for a few weeks

  4. Mosa Matsaung says:

    I love it when the actors laugh during a scene

  5. White Pencil says:

    “Whenever you feel useless, remember that white pencils like me exist”

    -White Pencil

  6. Tete! Delapone!! says:

    I love how sml is starting to Become a bit more for the mature audience again

  7. TheFatal4Gaming says:

    Anyone gonna appreciate how they actually made that shot at the beginning

  8. Ash / Aiden says:

    I’m 16, the jokes are a big reason as to why is still whatch these videos

    (And I love Brooklyn guy)

  9. Mr. Sharkman says:

    Junior’s videos make me mildly infuriated from his bad decisions.

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