Smoking vs Vaping

Smoking vs Vaping

Is vaping actually better for your health?
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Written by: Annik Carson, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit


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Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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19 Responses

  1. robert pointon says:

    water is not in ejuice

  2. Incognito says:

    i smoke the real shit.

  3. Lukas Wernig says:

    great video, as always. can you do a video about smoking shisha tobacco?

  4. Marko “Princ” Marjanovic says:

    Or just don’t smoke.

  5. Minhee Choi says:

    do one on hookah!!!!!

  6. Koyomi Araragi says:

    >inhaling the gaseous jew

  7. Annaie1234 says:

    I read that smoking had gone down in teenagers not up, maybe that’s just my

  8. Hugo says:

    This video is 4:20 minutes in length cx

  9. M. Herbert says:

    Say what you will but vaping helped me kick a three-pack-a-day cigarette
    I vape zero nicotine now…been cigarette free since 2009.

  10. erin niehaus says:

    lol but did you see that the video is 4 minutes and 20 s- oh wait im not
    clever every other person caught that

  11. elmotivoso85 says:

    the duration of this video almost shows the answer

  12. TrevorSpace Animation says:

    The video length is 4:19. If only you had made this one second longer…

  13. juls says:

    this video is 4:20 minutes long

  14. Ivana Daneva says:

    how much damage does smoking hookah/narghile do?

  15. WeeItsNookies says:

    Honestly 0 mg nicotine vapors should be shunned from any online/in person
    community. They are just hopping on a bandwagon and doing it to look cool
    and garner attention.

    There’s zero legitimate reasons as to why someone would up and start vaping
    for no reason when they were never a tobacco smoker. By doing so proves
    what was mentioned above.

  16. Dar-kuu Armati says:

    This video ends at 4:20

  17. Tahia Towhidul says:

    Yeah, just don’t smoke or vape. Simple.

  18. teamkenny120 says:

    Everyone in my school vaps makes me sick
    It’s mad how easy it is for kids in high school to get cigarettes and

  19. The Turtle That Could says:

    So I know that I sound like my dad, and is actually my first time hating on
    a video, but just because it might be better for your health it doesn’t you
    still can take drugs.