Smoothie Hacks Taste Test

Smoothie Hacks Taste Test

You sent us your favorite smoothie hacks, and we’re going to test them out, for better or for worse.  GMMore #1466

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51 Responses

  1. Zak D says:

    A lot of these “smoothies” sound just like the end-of-episode punishments! “The loser has to drink a smoothie of all the things we ate this episode blended together”

  2. Irene Mar says:

    I’d rather blend baked Brownies

  3. Dj Pfeiffer says:

    “My mouth has been violated”
    -Link Neal 2019

  4. Luka says:

    the face he made after he said “Get violated after breakfast” has me wheezing

  5. Johnnie Black X/ says:

    Thank you for teaching me how to cook lmao

  6. Savion Jin S.Coups Ksoo says:

    “Get violated” -Lincoln Neal, Jan 2019

  7. the invisible me says:

    Joooosh, I didn’t know you were so savage… Retth still feeling the burn. Daaaamn dude!

  8. HereforRandL says:

    “Oh gosh, Rhett”
    That’s me everytime Rhett decides to suddenly say something gross without any care in the world

  9. CityinFlames says:

    Rhett should never piss somebody off who handles your food

  10. Joshua Ruiz says:

    You tell him Josh lol.

  11. Mahnoor Riaz says:

    6:27 Josh’s sass knows no bounds ?

  12. Simone Cipher says:

    I think Josh has become my favourite part of the show, and that really says a lot. He never fails to put a smile on my face!

  13. marcelo rigoberto says:

    First tried to teach Josh something about cooking and then dr.pimplepopper about whiteheads… way to go Rhett

    • Claudiu-Emin Capatina says:

      He’s not wrong tho. In nature you wouldn’t pop pimples. If you’re gonna pop them, at least use a sanitary needle.

  14. mørph says:

    ‘we asked you to submit to us’
    this is a cult now.
    a very odd cult.

  15. Kaitlyn J. says:

    “No! Thank you for teaching me about cooking!”

  16. Harley Cammell says:

    Lol links face when rhett didnt use ALL the ice cream ???

  17. Laura Norda says:

    People mock Link, but his comments about putting the powder in the middle of two pours or milk makes sense to me. ?

  18. Seân Ward says:

    “we’ve done it!..the best blender is the nutribullet..” MORE: let’s use this random blender we found in the back

    • The Berlinickerin says:

      It might also be Josh’s blender that actually ost more than 100 bucks and that they probably will never be allowed to use again. After Rhett offended the chef. Lol.

  19. Bee Mama says:

    Since Rhett angered the chef, does that mean the next food episode they do will feature the backlash from Josh? Can’t wait to find out.

  20. theacp127 says:

    I don’t think it’s possible for Link to go an entire day without saying something hilarious by accident because he didn’t think about it first.

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