Snack Video Games: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

Snack Video Games: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver explores the lost world of snack-sponsored video games, and pitches some ideas to today鈥檚 snack brands.

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23 Responses

  1. tph_dragon says:

    Can鈥檛 believe there was no mention of the killer Pepsi man theme song. Nor did he mention the incredible kfc game where you try to seduce colonel sanders himself. That is a real game that exists, along with a kfc lifetime movie, the lore of kfc runs DEEP.

  2. curtmack says:

    You didn’t mention the single greatest snack video game: Darkened Skye, a 3D, Zelda-esque adventure game. The story of the game is that tyrannical goblins have banned all color from their kingdom, and it’s up to Skye, an elf from the forest of Lynlora, to bring color back to the world using the power of magical Skittles.

  3. baval5 says:

    “Taste is one of the senses and honestly its overrated”

    When you thought he couldnt get more British.

  4. Philos Ofi says:

    At the point the 7UP game was shown I was like, ‘they have to include Pepsi Man’ and they did. Actual proof that John Oliver is an alien that can read our brainwaves.

    Also the spaghetti o’s game sounds like an indie masterpiece waiting to happen tbh. John and his writers are damn good at what they do.

  5. West Writings says:

    I’d love a follow up episode where John talks about fast food brands getting into games. There’s the nightmare inducing burger King game and the (in)famously bizarre KFC dating sim and the more recent KFC gaming console that plays games AND keeps your chicken warm

    Seriously, there could be a segment all about KFC, I know it!

  6. Jeff Cochran says:

    “When you want to get it done, look for a teenager.” The military has known that for centuries !

    • kubi says:

      It also helped Chex Quest that the Doom engine was highly moddable and said teenager probably already had experience making Doom mods.

    • Nate Hill says:

      Ahahaha so true

    • Bill Freese says:

      Instead of asking, “Why is a kid too young to vote old enough to die in a war?” we asked, “Why is a kid old enough to die in a war too young to vote?” We lowered the voting age when we should have raised the dying age.

  7. Francis Cronin says:

    The winter doesn’t begin because the snow is coming or because the ground is freezing or because the leaves fall off the trees. No, the true arrival of winter is when John Oliver says I’ll see you in February. It sends a chill down my spine. My Monday mornings are now irrelevant

  8. Big Buddy says:

    鈥淛ohn Oliver鈥檚 Twist鈥 An exciting Action Adventure game where you have to take over ALL the other Late Night Shows until John is the only one left Standing! I suggest going after Colbert first, he鈥檚 had it coming for awhile now.

  9. Benjamin von S眉ck says:

    John knows EXACTLY what he’s doing when he says “…played Pepsiman to completion.”

  10. Elgin Beloy says:

    As a teenage programmer who started a company at 17, this is accurate. The benefit to business for young coders is: we don’t know how to say “no”, love to impress, and already have been coding for a few years. So we can be overworked and usually still finish.

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