SNACKAGING: Mexican Snack Taste Test

SNACKAGING: Mexican Snack Taste Test

Can we identify these Mexican snacks? Find out! GMM #1308.2
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84 Responses

  1. ItsFoxyCraft says:

    Yoooooooooooooooo early squad

  2. zoeelovee2 says:

    Rhett: Lets see who’s is longer.
    Link: I already know mine is.

    *okay Link I see you*

  3. Jennifer Crasto says:

    So they’re not really Mexican?

    • Jose Dahl says:

      Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez just cause you don’t have them in Puerto Rico doesn’t mean they are Mexican. Puerto Rico and Mexico aren’t the only Latin American countries smh.🤦🏽‍♂️

    • JOSHUA Montoya says:

      I live in the valley and I can say it’s like little Mexico here. You can find most of those items in every store around here lol

    • Red Vanilla says:

      Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez, La mayoria son de mexico pero el “pork skin” que presentaron ahi está y la hacen tambien en colombia. Btw, soy boricua tambien (Mayaguez)🤘🇵🇷

    • alexandria ancel says:

      The paletons (the goat milk candy) is also found in Nicaragua but you can find them in Mexico too.

  4. VirgoGoddess90 says:

    Somebody please make a gif of Rhett yelling “Prunes!!”

  5. hxmx says:

    needs to be longer video

  6. stacey says:

    I can’t tell if I want to be in a sexual love triangle with Rhett and Link or if I want them to be my fathers. Ive never been so confused in my life.

  7. AK OPTIMUM says:

    “Let’s talk about that” is now a meme.

  8. Tammy Dee says:

    “I think it’s melted fortune cookies”. Bahahaha!

  9. Kim-SukLey says:

    Les dieron vasos con el chamoy! 😂 what the heck? At least give ’em some Sabritas, man!

  10. nick gaming says:

    Is no-one going to mention the set change?

  11. Jonathan Macias says:

    Tamarind is a big ingredient in a lot of Mexican candy. And the chamoy is really more of a condiment. But really, imo, most of the snacks listed are what kids will eat when they have nothing else to eat. My mother, as well as a lot of other latino parents I knew growing up, just give their kids chopped up delicious fruits like mangos, oranges, pineapples, and cucumbers made with some chili powder and lemon juice. The chilli powder is normally added when something is sweet and will go well along with the taste whereas when something has a bit of a bland taste but is crunchy like a cucumber we will add chilli powder and lime to make it a bit more savory. This is just my personal experience

  12. MissCin101 says:

    You have to put limón & some Valentina on cueritos to eat them.

  13. Jawn Carl says:

    “Lets see whos is longer” “well i already know mine is” okay link

  14. Micah Philson says:

    I’m glad they’ve found their calling: testing snacks. From now on, one video per day will be just that.

    And honestly, is that so bad?

  15. A M says:

    Rhett: Oh we’re letting you use scissors again
    Link: Instantly tries to stab Rhett in the face

  16. Mr Punguino says:

    Where is the del la Rosa maza pan ?

  17. Kirandeep Kaur says:

    This looks like a fast forwarded regular gmm video!
    Too short mahn

  18. 8,025,677,910 Views says:

    Some of these are too familiar

  19. SDG Danny says:

    Really great start with the snacks, the first few looked really good

  20. Meow Rchl says:

    So you know those random “Exotic” sections in the market?
    Noone buys from there, ever.
    *This is the video of that.*

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