Sneak Peek of My New Workshop ?✨

Sneak Peek of My New Workshop ?✨

?If you go to or text simone to 500500, you can get a free 30-day trial and one free audiobook. ?

I HAVE A WORKSHOP! What an upgrade. No more working from home, I’m a grownup now. So what’s the going rate for indoor bouncy castles?

? places where I post stuff ?

Electrodoodle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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55 Responses

  1. Atif Hassan says:

    SIMONE ZONE!!!!!

  2. Jasmine - Ruff-Puff says:

    7:30 I have done that exact thing. I’ve heard it can be referred to as a vaginjury.

  3. Spakes says:

    Simone, you better put some bass and echo traps in corners and on walls. Sound will be much better with proper acoustic treatment (no echo and stuff).

    • ZapOKill says:

      no, just put stuff in it… that should be good enough

    • Laurenen says:

      The ceilings are so high she’ll definitely need bass/echo traps to dull that reverb. Would be a cool video for her to do some DIY soundproofing. Would be interesting to see her wee creative take on it haha

    • holzi says:

      or sound traps as in as soon as you touch a wall or some piece of the ground, there will be some sound that plays.

    • Matt Morgan says:

      Rugssss! All the rugs! They don’t have to be pretty as long as they’re softer than concrete.

  4. Charley Pangus says:

    I’m so happy you’re doing better! Super stoked you have a new studio. ???

  5. turgsh01 says:

    You need a fireman pole or a cool slide to go down the stairs, or a zip-line if you can manage it.

  6. BlazeHedgehog says:

    This looks like it’s in the same building Corridor Digital’s in

  7. Justin Akins says:

    The Simone Dome! If you need any help with it let me know! I have my own tools and the time currently.

  8. Maker's Muse says:

    That is SO AWESOME, huge congrats! If my 3D Printers were cats I’d be at least tier 5 crazy cat person. You need a fire pole, definitely.

  9. Casey Pierson says:

    Simone’s Secret Sanctuary!!!!
    Or Sanctum!An Electricity through Wood lighting strike thingy would look awesome on your white wall.

  10. Eric Taylor says:

    Have brain surgery, get a new workshop. I’m not so sure that is such a great deal. Glad you’re doing so well though.
    Call it, “The Scar”

  11. The Primeval Void says:

    My vote goes for The Simone Zone.

  12. Spencer Kenney says:

    It should be called the Simone zone

  13. Eric Taylor says:

    8:50 When I was about 25 I came to realize what the difference is between children and adults.
    I was bumbed because I had just realized something. All the time I was a kid I couldn’t wait to grow up, because then I could do whatever I wanted. It took me a few years to realize that even though I had grown up, I still could not do whatever I wanted, because some of the things I wanted, I shouldn’t have or do.
    When a kid wants to have or do something they shouldn’t an adult is the one who says no. When an adult wants to have or do something they shouldn’t, they tell themselves no.
    I still have an asshole that won’t let me do what I want to do, it’s just a different asshole now.
    That was one of my biggest disappointments ever.
    “We can have indoor bouncy castles. Actually that is a really bad idea.”

  14. Adam Thornton says:

    So she speaks English (really well; she doesn’t even have an accent), Swedish, Mandarin, and French, and is a comedian and an engineer, and used to live on a house boat. That’s just…really cool.

  15. Jack Gruber says:

    I’m a socially awkward robotics student in my final year of school and I got no one to take to formal (Australian Prom), I would be over the moon if you would like to go (ik it’s unlikely but a man has got to try)

  16. That 3D Print Guy says:

    Ballsack???? um I only have 2 balls in my ballsack……..Am I missing some….Am I not normal…………………..

  17. piratecheese13 says:

    simone zone

  18. Cath Wood says:

    What a joyous video, thank you Simone.
    My vote goes to Simone Zone for the name.
    And a +1 for a slide next to the stairs.

  19. Make Brooklyn says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is an awesome space! My shop is in my living room which is convenient but less than ideal for sure. You could just call it Simones clean and cool sparkly buildy place. I think the first obvious shop upgrade should be a disco ball but you may want to do something less utilitarian. Good luck!!

  20. David Killingsworth says:

    I think it would be AWSOME if you had a live webcam in your new workshop! It’d be fun watching your progress as you build new things!

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