Sneaker Shopping With Amber Rose

Sneaker Shopping With Amber Rose

Amber Rose goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and jokes about the craziest thing she’s done for sneakers.

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19 Responses

  1. Jeffrey Williams says:

    Why they didn’t bring up yeezy’s ???????

  2. Idier Romero says:

    Is the first time I hear her voice actually….

  3. Isaiah Jackson says:

    Damn she Fine

  4. Sebastian Checa says:

    3:52 he got a boner

  5. Muady13 says:

    Shes hott

  6. Hayden Ross says:

    It’s funny because she put her fingers in an asshole

  7. boredandbootleg says:

    Anyone else wanna just slap the back of that bald head?

  8. jensen canedo says:

    so Kehlani…..

  9. grindtime808 says:

    Amber rose is dating Terrance Ross?!?

  10. Omar Moreno says:

    I bet Joe was staring at her ass the whole time

  11. Bundess says:

    beautiful bae

  12. Bundess says:

    next time i wanna see Niykee heaton or Missy Elliot or Kardashians clique

  13. Andrew Williams says:

    She’s pretty and everything but stop giving her attention . Her and Kim and
    all these Instagram females that think they’re models.

  14. Ausaid Hashmi says:

    She would probably pronounce cements like semen??

  15. miguel moya says:

    bruh i bet she paid

  16. Pieter Dirix (Petr) says:

    damn she ugly as hell

  17. RMFRMLDN says:

    Dislike squad assemble

  18. tor sellars says:

    get Royce da 5″9 on here asap

  19. STARS Fashion Art Love says: