Sneaker Shopping With Desiigner | Complex

Sneaker Shopping With Desiigner | Complex

Desiigner goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and confirms he has an Adidas collab coming and how Kanye and Pusha T give him fashion guidance.

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20 Responses

  1. BPLNick says:

    Dude speaks Russian in French…

  2. TreS Alex says:

    imagine him during sex

  3. King TG says:

    When He was jumping to reach the shoes, Im Schleep ?? 6:10

  4. eternalending says:

    $600 for flu game 12s? Flight club has rape prices.

  5. Joel Veiga says:

    He called the bred 11s space jams smh

  6. Maruchan Gaming says:

    This nigga designer is exited for everything?

  7. smexxy poptartz says:

    Bruh desiigner is so lit. Stop hating and let him live life

  8. Maruchan Gaming says:

    when i tapped on “English subtitles” it said “error try again”

  9. KD Jr says:

    English version of this video is linked in the description

  10. Stephen Wright says:

    JLP: So I know the 18 has a very special place in your heart
    Desiigner: Well I GRRRRRRRAAAAAA Gegegegeeeeggee GRAAAAAAAAAA and that’s why there so special to me

  11. HTC Sellout says:

    Where is the english version

  12. Xenres says:

    he 19 but look 37

  13. Fabio Lopes says:

    Very cool from complex to go shopping with a special ed kid

  14. drew b says:

    “It was crazy man” x4000

  15. Everything Technology says:

    Imagine Desiigner not hype???Nahhh I can’t do that.

  16. Hilan ABDURHMAN says:

    Not even Lil Yachty……..Desiigner

  17. Osvaldo Diaz says:

    I didn’t know this nigga was 19!?just like my boi lil YACHTY!!!!!?

  18. Treshaun McKnight says:

    desiigner: says anything
    me: come again.

  19. chemo bird says:

    this video annoyed me so much desiigner is a major douche he wouldn’t stop making random noises

  20. Biff Stevenson says:

    I’m fucking lit and I’m not even there

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