Sneakerheads Try To Spot The Fake Jordans

Sneakerheads Try To Spot The Fake Jordans

I’m probably walking around with fake Jordans right now.

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Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls defends against Hersey Hawkins #33 of the Seattle Supersonics during game three of the 1996 NBA finals at the Key Arena in Seattle
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images



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71 Responses

  1. cerulean says:

    Three days in a row of Ryan in videos? We are blessed

  2. Knox Legion says:

    I just want comfy shoes that don’t hurt my feet and don’t take long to put on

  3. bee says:

    yall got me with ryan in the thumbnail,, again

  4. cerulean says:

    Ryan is a dork, honestly. And this world doesn’t deserve him

  5. Haider Hasan says:

    Whenever i see ryan or shane pop up in my notifications i just get hype af for buzzfeed unsolved but then i realise it’s not coming till 13 april damn.

  6. Woody World says:

    If sneakerheads can’t tell the difference, I’m going to start buying knockoffs.

    • GPLOCK says:


      Com/.org/cn ?

    • Jun Kim says:

      Woody World Nah bro if you want fakes that good then they’ll also be expensive. Also you can’t reliably ever buy fakes of that quality. If you pay $150 for a pair of fake yeezys then that’s the high end, and you’d expect a good replica. Unfortunately when you buy a fake it is truly completely and utterly random how good the quality is going to be. You could pay 150 for a fake and get a $60 quality pair that every sneaker head can tell is fake

    • Dwarf Lizard says:

      KamiltheCamel these shoes each cost around $150-$200. If you spend $200 on food a year I envy you

  7. Shelby Swiney says:

    I wouldn’t have EVER thought Ryan was a sneakerhead

  8. Chas Green says:

    Asking for a friend……. Where did you get these good looking fakes from??

  9. JenCath says:

    Brenden is so hot

  10. Alondra Lepe says:

    Clicked because I saw Ryan

  11. angerock49 says:

    Would’ve been nice to know how the expert can tell which ones real or not

  12. emily cross says:

    Funny to see people guess but it would have been cool if the expert told you the warning signs on the fake shoe when they got it wrong

  13. MamaRose says:

    I swear to god there is no way Ryan has actually dressed like that EVER

  14. Aldy Waani says:

    and you didn’t tell us the difference?

  15. Simgil says:

    This could have been so much better if the expert explained how he would spot the fakes. If he is just there to say you are right and you are wrong it does not really add anything to the video.

  16. RE:Think says:

    Lol ryans a sneakerhead?!

  17. XXXTENTACLES says:

    I love how they tried to sound like they knew what they were doing

  18. Kaalyn - OPG says:

    I wish the expert would’ve explained why/when they were wrong and how he knew.

  19. gabrielle henry says:

    What is Ryan wearing

  20. Our Founding Liars says:

    Real or Fake: Lincoln’s assassination.
    Keep asking questions

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