SNL – Breaking Character Compilation (2/2)

SNL – Breaking Character Compilation (2/2)

Breaking Character Compilation part 2. Below are the names of the sketches or series of sketches in order of appearance.

-America’s Funniest Cats
-Birthday Party
-Extremely Stupid
-Workplace Warriors (Cut for time)
-Daily Affirmation
-Whiskers R We
-Jacob Silj
-Jeanie Darcy at St. Joseph’s Hospital
-New Girlfriend (Regine)
-(can’t find name of sketch) – Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman
-Maine Justice
-Fish Tank Repairmen
-Family Feud: Celebrity Edition
-The Barry Gibb Talk Show

Part 1 —

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17 Responses

  1. Manuel Gonzales says:

    Thanks for uploading this! (n_n)

  2. Ean Dwight says:


  3. Elena Helen Mussienko says:

    ZOMG what sketch was :42??? I need to see immediately T_T

  4. Suzie Q Truth says:

    this is fantastic

  5. Dan Gallagher says:

    Kevin Roberts. omg

  6. A Weiss Guy says:

    Watching that last clip really makes me wonder what kind of awesomeness
    Phil Hartman would be putting out there in the world had he not died.

  7. Brian McGovern says:

    That guy that was with Michael Jordan, is that the douche bag from The
    Wedding Singer?

  8. Sasha Kelsi says:

    Kate is the best

  9. rylee says:

    hahaha i actually love dress rehearsals of sketches they’re always so funny

  10. Jamie Maxfield says:

    I’m still waiting for Billy Crystal as Fernando making Mr. T and Hulk Hogan
    crack up. “You know when you laugh, your little things (pecs), they go

  11. Dee Mos says:

    The late great Phil Hartman. Miss that guy.

  12. Chris Castellani says:

    When Phil Hartman shows up on the screen, I laugh. Then the second he
    leaves, I feel sad knowing he left us way too soon. Same with Farley and

  13. Mr Leite 131 says:


  14. JJ Novak says:

    Would anyone be able to tell me where I can find the second sketch in the
    video? I don’t think it’s in the description

  15. LH YY says:

    10812! Great job

  16. Derrick Belanger says:

    It’s always funniest when the actors break character

  17. Peter Schipper says: