SNL Celebrates Father’s Day

SNL Celebrates Father’s Day

Celebrate dad this Father’s Day with classic SNL sketches like Get Off the Shed and the SNL Digital Short Jonah Hill Dating Andy’s Dad.

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60 Responses

  1. Alex Romero says:

    Sometimes I forget will Ferrell was like 25 at one point

  2. Monkey Fash says:

    Oil is not for the weak, it’s the earth’s milk lol

  3. Zoey L says:

    “and in my opinion, that’s how we make the fire go away” is an underrated line

  4. Brendan O'Brien says:

    How did Adam driver not win an Emmy for the oil baron?

  5. Aidan Griffiths says:

    Adam driver is just the best

  6. Michelle Peacock says:

    Look upon your father, boy……

    Crrrush your enemies!

    One of the best SNL skits ever.

  7. Rex Racer says:

    Adam Driver can pull deep festering rage out of any character, no matter how seemingly docile. Next up: I-Dare-You-to-Tickle-Me-Elmo Ren.

  8. justandardprocedure says:

    My dad wouldn’t have asked me get off the shed that many times…

  9. Jen Sivers says:

    “Be strong and crush your enemies!”A quote for the ages.

  10. Adam Soto says:

    Jonah Hill kissing the dad got me WEAK ASF 🤣🤣🤣 “you’re dating my 57 yr old father”

  11. Nuka Chelidze says:

    ,,until I was RRRipe enough to walk”

  12. JediNick _23 says:

    How has Adam driver not gotten an oscar or an emy for anything he’s done

  13. This Nerd says:

    “I will punch you in the damn face if you don’t get off the shed.” Geez😂😂😂

  14. Audra Tow says:

    My dad on Mother’s Day: have all these gifts! We love you!
    My mom on Father’s Day: wait what day is it? Oh lol who cares. This holiday is stupid I don’t know why it even exists

  15. Elkator says:

    The skit with young girls being attracted to Drake will not age well soon.

  16. Thomas Casillo says:

    Adam Driver went from being a Marine to be an actor to be a surprisingly good SNL host. Who knew he had such a great comedic side?

  17. mhxistenz says:

    “Get off the shed!!” is so simple and yet so funny. Kudos to Will.

  18. Rolyat Neek says:


    Best advice children could ever receive.

  19. Rebecca Xia says:

    OMG in an alternate universe Carol married Todd Packer. Michael Scott must be heart broken.

  20. Will C says:

    It’s been said many times before but it should never be forgotten: anyone who dislikes this video, especially on Father’s Day, is weak like H.R. Pickens.

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