SNL Host Adam Driver & Kate McKinnon Grab a Bite at The Diner

SNL Host Adam Driver & Kate McKinnon Grab a Bite at The Diner

Adam Driver hosts Saturday Night Live on January 16, 2016 with musical guest Chris Stapleton.

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20 Responses

  1. Rafael Noguera says:

    Oh hey Ben Solo

  2. repakl says:

    This is what SLN has come too. Not funny and just stupid

  3. Game Wasabi says:

    Emo Kylo skit better be there

  4. Fatal says:

    Fuck you kylo you killed Han…..bitch

  5. WhateverArts says:

    Ha! cry lo ren!

  6. Fred Gardner says:


  7. Blake Anderson says:

    Even in promos Kate McKinnon fucking rocks

  8. 8jsimone says:

    CHRIS STAPLETON???????? Oh my God love him as everyone does I’m sure!!!!!

  9. Ineta Life says:

    Ooo feisty lil thang

  10. Michaela Mueller says:

    Hey everyone! I just started a channel and would love if anyone would take
    a look! :)

  11. Platinum Age says:

    oh yes the weird Jonas brother nobody heard of is hosting.

  12. Sir Campos says:


  13. Oliver Clark says:

    I feel like jj Abrams did the best he could with this actor..

  14. Lawrence Calablaster says:

    *blinks repeatedly in a confused & humorous fashion* I had no idea that
    Adam Driver actually sounded like that.

  15. Warren Ros says:


  16. SuperMacNinja says:


  17. April Himes says:

    I love Adam driver! I can not wait!

  18. Jack eikens says:

    weeeeeeeeeeeee han solo ??

  19. Honesthedgehog Life says:

    Adam Driver’s such a cool guy, he’s the new Chris Pratt and Jennifer
    Lawrence, this lovable actor you just want to be best friends with. Or it’s
    just me ?

  20. G. Pat Graves says: