SNL Host Chadwick Boseman Does Not Have Any Vibranium

SNL Host Chadwick Boseman Does Not Have Any Vibranium

Chadwick Boseman hosts Saturday Night Live on April 7, 2018, with musical guest Cardi B.


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84 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    Wakanda Forever

    • wesley russell says:

      ScarlettP 🙅🏿‍♂️

    • Tyler Hargrove says:

      Wakanda foreva

    • A Goat says:

      “Wtf I love ethnonationalism now!” – liberals 2018 😎

    • wesley russell says:

      I’m sorry I cant hear you over the movie’s success💰💰💰IM DROWNING IN THE BOX OFFICE DOLLARS💵💵💵💶💷💵💸💴💴💸💸💸💰💰💰💰💰

    • A Goat says:

      wesley russell I don’t know what’s more silly – That Black Panther has upset so many people, the idea of you somehow benefiting from a Hollywood success, or the fact that SNL has been on it’s last leg for years but still manages to get views. SNL hasn’t been funny in years and I am easily amused. They just try too hard to be awkward now and prompt viewers with old laugh tracks.

      It must be so difficult to be a comedian in [current year]. You’re expected to stay politically correct and somehow push boundaries enough to get a reaction. Haha… “Awkward xD”

  2. dennis danforth says:

    Oh great. You saw what happened the last time someone pissed off the Black Panther.

  3. Who's The Master? #ShoNuff #KissMyConverse says:


  4. Katex Holtzmannfan says:

    i don’t know what’s up with kate and her blazers recently but bby i ain’t complaining, shE looks so gorgeous and i can’t wait for this weeks episode.

  5. TheKenniaB says:

    I’m so freaking ready for Saturday…or more realistically Sunday morning because I can’t stay awake past 10

  6. ScarlettP says:

    Chadwick ages like fine wine

  7. Nowon & DPool Productions says:

    We better see another Black Panther skit

  8. Ryan Riddell says:

    No wonder Kenan has been there so long, he’s in charge of the dang keys

  9. justalurkr says:

    Keep it real, Mr. Boseman!

  10. Raghu Seetharaman says:

    I am so not missing this on Saturday.

  11. The Lazy Ronin says:

    This is my first time hearing Chadwick Boseman without the accent. Feels weird man.

  12. Strawberry Crazycake says:

    “I am the key keeper” Really Keenan? 😂😂😂

  13. Mimi Niccholini says:

    Will he freeze?

  14. jeebs621 says:

    I want RDJ to host snl at least one more time, I know he was already a cast member, but I still want to see it hahah😂

  15. tralfama dorian says:

    I really have my fingers crossed! Hope he’ll be a decent host and will have the luck to play in well written skits.

  16. SleepyCrusader says:

    I hope they do a skit with Alec Baldwin as Trump meeting King T’Challa for diplomatic relations

  17. Herman Wade says:

    Proud of you brother you deserve this. 👊

  18. LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 says:

    They’ve got Vibranium on their cranium!

  19. ComiXProvider FTW_02 says:

    God, it feels weird to hear Chadwick without the accent.

    • NaturallyAsh88 says:

      ComiXProvider FTW_02 so you’ve only seen him play one role

    • ComiXProvider FTW_02 says:

      NaturallyAsh88 No, I saw him in Message to the King and he has the accent. Plus, I don’t really see much of real life Chadwick stuff, so I assumed he naturally had the accent. It’s like you see other actors who do American accents only to find out they’re actually British in real life.

    • Texaslife43 says:

      he still has an accent lol

  20. -Sir WESLEE- says:

    *”Man Vibranium ain’t real”* they way he said i almost spit out my drink LOL

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