SNL Host Dakota Johnson and Taran Killam Beg Her Mom To Watch Fifty Shades of Grey

SNL Host Dakota Johnson and Taran Killam Beg Her Mom To Watch Fifty Shades of Grey

Dakota Johnson hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Alabama Shakes on February 28, 2015.

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20 Responses

  1. 525Lines says:

    Homeless puppies need your help. For a small donation of …

  2. Georgia Berry says:


  3. Sarah Toussaint says:

    She is so pretty AND hilarious. She has a great personality. 

  4. Floppy Genitals says:

    859 views, 1,065 likes.. Youtube y u still do dis

  5. AxelLNo1 says:

    So, it’s her dad… I understand now. Taran was great again! :D

  6. Kiara Alanis says:


  7. Cat Power says:

    Right when I saw the pastel suit, I thought Miami Vice.

  8. goodlucknnightbear says:

    as an actress of course she wants her parents to see her film, but as their
    daughter i get where she is coming from. The media is blowing what happened
    on the red carpet out of proportions. Dakota is a great actress that can do
    both comedy/drama,she is quite funny, dry sense of humor and sarcastic,but
    also she is quite shy which is where people think she has no personality.
    people calling her a porn star, shame on you. I can’t wait for her future,
    yes she might have parents in the business many others do to she isn’t the
    first and she won’t be the last. Stop judging her on her parents and just
    on fifty shades give her credit for being brave enough to tackle on a role
    that must not be easy with peoples expectations and peoples critical eye,
    her talent speaks volumes, go dakota! 

  9. Andreea Diana Dobrea says:

    she is sooo sweeeeet

  10. IAmMelloYellow says:

    Let’s hope this weeks Snl will be better than 50 Shades

    Oh who am I kidding of course it will!

  11. James Galligan says:

    She’s adorbs.

  12. 22zooley says:


  13. Francesca Chionne says:

    i love dakota

  14. foreverxjelena x says:

    I love her sense of humour

  15. lara972002 says:

    Dry sense if humour – just my type

  16. Taylor Pilz says:


  17. Joanne dela vega says:

    She’s so funny can’t wait for SNL. She’s very versatile. Love her. ❤️

  18. Hannah Pearson says:

    I fucking love her✌

  19. Tamara Ghambashidze says:

    So cute! :D

  20. Janey Egerton says:

    I love her smile! I’ve been so obsessed with her the past couple of days!