SNL Host Donald Trump Tries on Sia’s Wig

SNL Host Donald Trump Tries on Sia’s Wig

Donald Trump hosts Saturday Night Live on November 7, 2015 with musical guest Sia.

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20 Responses

  1. Charkrai says:

    Trying sooooo fucking hard to get younger voters attention. Stay running
    shit hotels, don’t fuck with government please.

  2. Carlos Villeda says:

    why the fuck was donald fuckhole here

  3. j Camacho . says:

    Maybe he can just go ahead n be a permanent member of snl cast. since its
    ratings u need. either way he’s perfect for this Bieng a clown seems
    natural for he’s ignit ass. #dumptrump

  4. jeff4justice says:

    God mess the 2-party system.

  5. bgcm1995 says:

    It would make sense to have him on the show since it’s comedy. But let’s
    get a few things straight. He’s racist, he’s raped a woman before, he
    insults the people of this country so imagine if he were to open his mouth
    when the US is speaking in terms of war… We’d die. This land was the
    natives, it was attained through rape and murder. If you feel proud of
    that, then I feel sorry for you. But I guess if psychopaths want trump as a

  6. TheKingofGames1001 says:

    Get to the point button 0:08

  7. skyhr says:

    Politics aside… that second bit was hilarious!

  8. saucy D says:

    Who the fuck watches SNL?

  9. Res Judicata says:

    Looks super interesting. I never watch, but now with the Donald and Sia I’m
    super interested! (let’s be honest, the Donald).

  10. MrBepruitt says:

    I love all the butt hurt leftist comments…?

  11. Tim Duncan says:

    Imagine Trump will be the President. Ahahaha

    Glad im not living in US

  12. Muhammad Keita says:

    Politics ladies and gentlemen

  13. redneck1st says:

    what is the problem with her face that she keeps it hidden? She as ugly as
    Michael Obama

  14. IWonTheIntarwebz says:


  15. Carlos Hinojos says:


  16. Debbie Matzen says:

    why are people siding with illegals. if I saw one I’d call the cops and get
    their ass deported. one less mouth to feed off our taxes

  17. Debbie Matzen says:

    and can’t call me racist because I have more ethnic friends than I do white
    friends. and on a plus side people say illegals are hard workers well u
    know what it doesn’t mean shit. u can be the best driver in the world but u
    can’t race without a license

  18. Peter Beadle says:

    This is going to be the best snl ever

  19. Jason Bettencourt says:

    and it’s not cause I disagree with his politics. Just tend to disagree with
    misogynist racists.

  20. Hipster Hazza says:

    Fuck this trash snl you should be ashamed