SNL Host Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles Snap to It

SNL Host Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles Snap to It

Jimmy Fallon hosts Saturday Night Live on April 15, 2017, with musical guest Harry Styles, live coast to coast.

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20 Responses

  1. Siljamia says:

    I just wanna kiss his cute lil face aaarfgg

  2. Recovery Flower says:


  3. Isaiah Pez says:

    if I see Fallon on SNL I expect to see Timberlake , although when I see Timberlake I expect to see LonelyIsland

  4. ayman hussain says:

    Can anyone recommend a good movie to watch

  5. Indigo Detry says:


  6. John Harrison says:

    Only reason I care or know about Harry Styles is because of DUNKIRK!!!

  7. Janeth Velázquez says:

    harry looks so cute ?

  8. lecoindeclaire says:

    Why is he so hot?! Guess who I’m talking about

  9. fastlane says:

    I’m fucking excited for this show! Jimmy is hilarious and one of my favorite hosts! I don’t know too much about Harry Styles except he was the main guy in 1D! Looks good though!!

  10. dark banshee says:

    i’m dead

  11. Makayla Vargas says:

    Have you ever seen anyone more beautiful than Harry Styles?

  12. Modesta Molina says:

    Name a more iconic duo I’ll wait

  13. nibraz tazrian says:

    *I’m here for Harry styles*
    otherwise I don’t even know properly what SNL is

  14. Luna maria Buzincu says:

    i still wonder why he is not my husband already

  15. Oreo Baker says:

    I’m sorry but Harry is the most cutest thing ever in the history of cuteness

  16. Life As A Directioner says:

    I’m just going to have Harry’s laugh on replay for the rest of the week…

  17. Victoria Pearl says:

    Harry styles is the bloody definition of art .

  18. Eisha Maqsood says:

    How cute does harry look tho ??❤️

  19. James Hudson says:

    I am not gay but he is sexy

  20. Galina Baranova says:

    * Viеw рhоtоs оf sеху girls in уоur аrеа. Gо hеrе ->>>

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