SNL Host John Mulaney Gets Hit with Budget Cuts

SNL Host John Mulaney Gets Hit with Budget Cuts

John Mulaney hosts Saturday Night Live on April 14, 2018, with musical guest Jack White.


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47 Responses

  1. Red Spartan says:

    Who is hyped for this episode?

  2. mermermer123 says:

    That tall child needs some rest!!!!

  3. Gavin Bonar says:


  4. I JAM A says:

    Damn Snl’s upping its promo game

  5. Nat Turner says:

    Real comedy fans are excited for this

  6. Supreme McCall says:

    When is Big Mouth Season 2 boi

  7. Tickety Blue says:

    I’ve waited for this forever.

  8. Silver G says:

    Today I met a boy with no eyes.

  9. That1Valentian says:

    He’s funny and looks like he’s not old enough to drink. The perfect comedian!

  10. Emmanuel Alejandro says:

    Mr Mulaney one *Literal* Shirley Temple. I lost it.

  11. TheKenniaB says:

    I can’t wait to see his womanly hips Grace my television screen

  12. The Adventure Travelers says:

    John is hilarious. Can’t wait!

  13. Sam Raycraft says:


  14. noramad says:


  15. Cue The Rain says:

    This is gonna be the greatest snl episode in history

  16. Hannah Grace says:

    “so literal. i love it” he is my favorite comedian. i’ve been waiting for him to host for years!!!!

  17. Lola Bolarianista says:

    I’m so excited for him to host!!!

  18. Naddie Err says:

    “Please don’t embarrass me in a restaurant” lol Every parent has said this to their child.

  19. Spiral Breeze says:

    They should get Bill Hader to change his lines at the last minute to get him back.

  20. Kino Zomby says:

    John looks like Agent Smith from Matrix.

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