SNL Host Melissa McCarthy Feels Pretty, Oh So Pretty

SNL Host Melissa McCarthy Feels Pretty, Oh So Pretty

Melissa McCarthy hosts Saturday Night Live on May 13, 2017, with musical guest HAIM.

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19 Responses

  1. Nicolas Butler says:

    Aw she’s stunning!

  2. memo boy says:

    i just opened youtube and i saw this uploaded 4 seconds ago

  3. kimmal8 says:

    Spicer lives.

  4. memo boy says:

    is she sean spicer

  5. Claire Knight says:

    Hope they parody Spicer actually hiding in the bushes last night ?

  6. Jen Warshawsky says:

    Cute promo

  7. itzjust ash gaming says:

    omg this song is in f.r.i.e.n.d.s

  8. Jessamine Manchester says:

    I’m so excited for this omg

  9. Ropsana Khanom says:


  10. Adam Shafiq says:

    Melissa McCarthy actually looking pretty fine here tbh!

  11. Bella Cobbs says:

    Spicey is back in business y’all!

  12. connell8 says:

    So is Spicer off this week because Melissa McCarthy is hosting this week?

  13. Caitie D says:

    Well at least with all the shit that just happened in the past few days will make for a very funny SNL on Saturday haha

  14. Danielle Wells says:

    they changed the lyrics “gay” to “bright” … hmmm… being a huge west side story fan, i dont know how i feel about that one.

  15. Stephanie Argueta says:


  16. Jos Chea says:

    Please get Galifianakis on and do Between Two Ferns!!

  17. saul gonzalez says:

    who’s sketch u rip off this time amy?!?!??

  18. uppermostking02 says:

    feeling pretty and actually being pretty are two different things you madam are not pretty at all.

  19. Whitecloud Gaming says:

    eww get the fat cow off my field of vision

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