SNL Host Peter Dinklage Warns Cecily That Summer is Coming

SNL Host Peter Dinklage Warns Cecily That Summer is Coming

Peter Dinklage hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Gwen Stefani on April 2, 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. Vinny Piazza says:

    I miss Dinklebot. Nolanbot has only a few good lines. I liked the dry humor
    and the robot voice suited the little light.

  2. classic hersh says:


  3. Danny Steeler says:

    Dwarfism! #HeIsShort

  4. Taylor McCloskey says:

    Preda-speciesism as harmful violent discrimination! Can do
    non-competitionism natural hygienism orthopathism as thriving!

  5. leloodallasmultipass says:

    where is fucking laser time you fucking fucks? fucking racists.

  6. DJ TRUMP 2016 says:

    They should have had Shae on instead of Gwen.

  7. HoBo Sundey says:

    Rip Dinklebot.

  8. Fadedgogeta says:

    The land is beautiful and warm during Summer. All is quiet. Then…
    *A CELL!…*
    The land erupts with the grass and stone shattering and flying into the air
    as debris.
    Trees flatten and turn into splinters while wildlife eardrums are exploding
    with intense vibrations.
    The Earth itself turns inside out and explodes the solar system.

  9. donttouchmecreep says:

    hes right about gwen though

  10. Trex_alex -97 says:

    You’ve woken the hive !!!

  11. Gangsta Shredda says:

    Dinklebot I miss you you floating bastard lol

  12. UserInterface00 says:

    Tyrone in the mutha fucking Lannister house!!

  13. Sharbani Mukerjee says:

    Yes he is hottt!!!

  14. Auston Wulfert says:

    Yup snl proves why it’s still not funny.

  15. Hua Mulan says:

    1:17 loooooooool :’D

  16. steve conn says:

    Dave Attell said watching midget porn on rewind is like watching a woman
    give birth. Peter and Cicely should give it a go.

  17. nismozx6r says:

    The most famous midget ever… GoT is awesome.

  18. steve conn says:

    More people are watching Batman V. Superman than have watched SNL in
    twenty-five years combined. Chilling.

  19. iJokster says:

    Good job on getting host, little light.

  20. Preston Emmons says: