SNL Host Ronda Rousey and Selena Gomez Call Boys with Cecily Strong

SNL Host Ronda Rousey and Selena Gomez Call Boys with Cecily Strong

Ronda Rousey hosts Saturday Night Live on January 23, 2016 with musical guest Selena Gomez.

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20 Responses

  1. RickiiTensee says:


  2. RickiiTensee says:

    Selena > the other two

  3. yuck foo says:

    Man is this episode gonna suck

  4. Savaera Minhas says:

    So excited for this!

  5. Marc James Levesque says:

    Cecily you’re a doll to do this bit….the things we do for..Lorne? Ha
    ha…where is Lorne these days anyway? Who the f is attempting to ruin one
    of my all time favorite shows?! Well, that being said, break a leg girls :

  6. nismofury says:

    Gonna watch bc ronda looks out of place

  7. SpikedCoughSyrup says:

    so she toned down a bit? there’s no better life lesson than a strong kick
    in the head

  8. MD.ABDUS SAMAD says:


  9. Peter Matthew says:

    poor beautiful babygirl, you can tell she’s still healing. dont worry sweet
    girl, you’ll be back more perfect than before. We love you so much .

  10. llaauuddrruupp says:

    Cecily is just as hot as Selena.

  11. faboze says:

    Hope this is better than the terrible Adam Driver episode

  12. Coco21212 says:

    I’ve been wondering for a while if Ronda Rousey would get to host snl
    someday. I can’t wait!

  13. Kyourashi says:

    Selena ? The sex tape girl ?

  14. IXM360 says:


  15. Ghost says:

    either selena’s head is small or ronda’s head is still swollen

  16. Todd Stewart says:

    Stupid laser-time was longer than the promo.

  17. Bryan Manning says:

    Would rather drink bleach than have to sit through Ronda Rousey’s horrible

  18. sanmiol says:

    Ronda Rousey vs Selena Gomez – UFC 500!

  19. highvelocity123 says:

    Is Holly Holm going to guest appear…

  20. desertsun100 says:

    SNL is where people end up when their careers are over..