‘SNL’ mocks CNN’s Trump coverage

‘SNL’ mocks CNN’s Trump coverage

“Saturday Night Live” parodied CNN’s coverage of Donald Trump by portraying anchor Anderson Cooper and his political panelists as robots.r

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20 Responses

  1. Max Mustermann says:

    This is some of the most honest and entertaining content CNN has provided
    in quite a while.

  2. aprice says:

    CNN sees the funny side in being parodied on SNL and still right wing nut
    jobs bash them? The same right wing goons who complained about SNL only
    focussing on mocking Trump are now up in arms over this video!! Why are you
    guys always sad and so angry? Get a life, Jesus Fucking Christ!!!

  3. rick grimes says:

    CNN is pure Propaganda, and everyone knows it. Why watch?

  4. msmithstud says:

    I only watched CNN on election night just to see their long faces as Trump
    reached the 270 threshold. Trump’s supporters gave the pollsters and the
    media the middle finger.

  5. Don John says:

    Liberal propaganda disguised as comedy is CNN ..

  6. Jaret Wood says:

    CNN won’t miss me or anything, but i used to get my news from them, but
    they embarassed themselves so much during the election, being so biased and
    one-sided in favor of Hillary. I can’t get my news from them anymore, they
    are barely above the TMZ level anymore.

  7. Frank Salazar says:

    This is how i see CNN

  8. Robert Mitchell says:

    I had to check my eyes, CNN posted this??

  9. patstar5 says:

    Wait, CNN posted comedy making fun of their network on their own youtube

  10. Offensive Snowflake says:

    Actually CNN is Much worse and more Embarrassing than this parody.

  11. blockaderunner says:

    CNN And SNL trying to cover their Asses. “Toooooo late” to quote Nicholas
    Cage in Vampire’s Kiss.

  12. danger grainger says:

    Dear CNN. no one likes you. sincerely, everyone. P.S. stop trying so hard
    to appeal to the viewers you lost due to self inflicted, endorsements of a
    corrupted bitch.

  13. konjo habesha says:

    best time of CNN is they still lying Hillary is winning the election, same
    time there face looks like they want to take a s***

  14. LL Lewis says:

    this so sad lol how much CNN sucks SNL made a mockery of them

  15. Sherrie Taylor says:

    SNL & CNN can eat crap! I will never watch either one ever Again!

  16. lobomuerto11 says:

    CNN sucks all kinds of balls

  17. PeacefulDrago says:

    This video just affirms my view that CNN is the whole network in it for the
    money, even if it means going after themselves.

  18. neil here says:

    CNN is already a parody of a legitimate news network. This is redundant.

  19. Daniel Astorga says:

    Hard to tell the difference between this and the real thing.

  20. Little Jesse says:

    Fuck you! you’ll never regain your credibility! roll over and make way for
    the new wave of American media! Fuck you!