SNL Paris Opening – SNL

SNL Paris Opening – SNL

We stand with you, Paris.

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20 Responses

  1. Jo Bertoli says:

    Beautiful and our prayer be with the victims and family.

  2. A Brand says:

    merci beaucoup

  3. Kate Lynch says:

    Cecily has an amazing French accent

  4. Cinemaniac Jean says:

    Jesus, one supportive comment and those rats that come to bring misery are
    quick to arrive… why don’t we dedicate every hour of every entertainment
    media to mourn the daily death of humans across the world? I guess the best
    option is to see terrorist attacks and ignore their effect…
    seriously why are people like this? what kind of sick pleasure do you have
    from depressing people wherever you go? please, reevaluate your lifestyle,
    everyone can always be better, but you… you can be a LOT better…
    I love you…

  5. Gabriel Shear says:

    Thank you a lot
    From Paris

  6. Vian Madeline says:

    merci à vous

  7. Jo케빈 (Kevin Jo) says:

    Pray for Paris

  8. EvilShredder says:

    She’s lived in France. She didn’t speak it fluidly, but her accent is
    surprisingly accurate.

  9. daftshark says:


  10. conwad banana says:

    Fuck isis.

  11. Monochromicornicopia says:

    Its ok to fight extremists. Just don’t forget that the extremists don’t
    represent the entire religion.

  12. Kike Jewburg says:

    We stand by you France, and stab you in the back with our proxy army.

  13. Potatohead827 says:

    I wonder what the cold open would have been

  14. Origin 100 says:

    why is everyone forgetting japan and the other country that got attacked by

  15. Sydnie Bush says:

    God, is it just me, or does she almost sound like she’s fighting back
    tears? Maybe it’s just me but idk.

  16. Origin 100 says:

    what did kenan do at the end? i looked she didnt do anything bad

  17. zerek44 says:

    this will be paris’s redemption. thy are about to open a can of whoopass

  18. তমাল মজুমদার says:

    it’s a reverence from Israel !!Israel convicted for this! france supported
    for palestine then drama began! ISIS nothing but Israeli intelligence!

  19. AplicFlare says:

    We all know who those 56 people are…

  20. RollTubeDotCom says: