Snooki Gets a Boob Job! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment

Snooki Gets a Boob Job! | #MomsWithAttitude Moment

Nicole “Snooki” has quite the surprise in store for bestie Jenni “JWOWW” on the set of their go90 show. See how Jenni reacts when Nicole finally reveals her BIG secret in this week’s #MomsWithAttitude Moment!

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20 Responses

  1. Ashley Anne says:

    People are so rude. If she didn’t like her lips, she would stop getting
    fillers. I don’t understand why we can just mind our own business! My
    biggest insecurity is my acne but If I felt confident enough to go out
    without makeup on and someone were to say something about it I would like
    hate myself. Everyone has insecurities. Every single person deals with it
    so before you point on Nicole’s why don’t you think about yours and how you
    would feel. I think Nicole looks beautiful and her boobs look great,
    honestly really natural looking which is good!

  2. dylan mills says:

    This snooki has gone 90% plastic. Lol boobs and lips ya right this bitch
    has gotten everything u can on her face lmfao.

  3. Jonny MacGinty says:

    3 out of 10 looks wise MAX she’s fucked up looking

  4. LifeLoveBeauty32 says:

    Nicole! I am so glad you did that for yourself. Having sagging breasts
    although empowering because you know what they have done and been through.
    And their used to feed the life created, can Really really make you feel
    insecure. I had naturally saggy boobs growing up and then I lose 80 pounds
    and went to a medium C and bam I had this great body and my breasts weren’t
    what I wanted them. But I’m waiting until after I have children to get them
    lifted to make ME feel better. So good for you babe! ??????❤️?

  5. Laura Maldonado says:

    Dude what did you do to yourself. You looked better before now your face
    looks so different. Nothing is wrong with getting a bit but that’s a lot.
    Money changes ppl a lot.

  6. Rola Nesheiwat says:

    Her face is frozen…completely

  7. Sūraja says:

    Their videos keep getting cut off at the end :/

  8. Savannah Michele says:

    Love u and Jenni, your both adorable????

  9. JennaMay says:

    its not even just the lips…her face is frozen.

  10. BaDMrFr0zty says:

    lol she went from looking like shit on jersey shore to looking decent
    after… now trash again

  11. ZiDDi JaTT says:

    this bitch look like 70 years old grandma who dont let go of her makeup and
    still think shes teenager

  12. Above AverageJoe says:

    give retarded people retarded amount of money and get retarded results.

  13. EllieS says:

    unfortunately the natural shape of her lips do not work with fillers. she
    doesn’t even look like the bubbly personality that she really is because of
    the way it stiffens the rest of her face 🙁 she looked great a year ago

  14. Debbie McLean says:

    omg what did you do to your face!!!! Holy shit!! Stop it!!! I had not seen
    you forever … last time I saw you was after the birth of your son and wow
    WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE!!!! No one will even look at your body
    cause they will be all saying ” what the hell happened to her face???”

  15. Mimi Murdaa says:

    snookis lips are BOTCHED

  16. Sims4News says:

    OMG who cares about the boobs…look at her cheeks and lips! She was so
    pretty why did she have to do that to herself :(

  17. Soul Lunar says:

    If a girl told me she had boob and butt implants, i prob wouldnt be turned

  18. Dali Llama says:

    Omfg what happened to her….

  19. Jenni Boo says:

    Ugh what did she do to her mouth?! she looks horrible.

  20. Ricardo Mojica says:

    just come here to say who cares