Snoring dog sleeps in hilariously awkward position

Snoring dog sleeps in hilariously awkward position

Check out this sleeping German Shepherd as he snores like an old man. And to add to the humor he naps in a very funny position! Captured by user ‘cseh_17’ during a trip to Hungary.

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14 Responses

  1. Ashley Nicole says:


  2. Liam Halleran says:

    second comment

  3. Adolio Estrada says:

    third so adorable

  4. Fien Aerts says:

    What’s up, yo? Hooray For You. escape farm What’s your opinion about it,
    guys !!

  5. Michael Kaspshak says:

    I think that is definitely a German Shepherd thing.

  6. fjejf derp says:

    My dog sleeps like that all the time.

  7. MrBepruitt says:

    Thought that was my ex wife for a second there!

  8. TheTerrairan Genius says:

    I love youtube

  9. Dj Rock says:

    omfg I wish my dog dose this ??? ?

  10. Jonathan Hidalgo says:

    My Husky sleeps like that all the time, especially if it’s hot outside. I
    think it helps dissipate their body heat better than if they were sleeping
    normally hence it’s more comfortable for them.

  11. alecoloxa says:

    Like cats

  12. samyty1530 says:

    Omg my German Shepard does the same thing lol. Must be a breed thing

  13. Hang Em says:

    Sorry but that dog needs to find Jesus Christ, so do the rest of you,
    because if you are not Christian you will goto hell, fact.

  14. ThaoKristopher says:

    snoring means that your sleeping really well but my doctor told me it means
    that I have a breathing problem