Snow Sniper Airsoft Battle

Snow Sniper Airsoft Battle

Our most EPIC airsoft battle yet!! Thanks to our friends at PUBG: NEW STATE for sponsoring this video! Click here to check out the brand new BR: EXTREME mode only available in NEW STATE!
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► Music by Zayde Wolf: “Rumble”
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HUGE thanks for SwampSniper for helping us pull off this video! Check out his channel here:

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33 Responses

  1. Dude Perfect says:

    Next Videos 👀
    🏟 OT @ the Super Bowl
    🥤Cup Trick Shots
    ✈Airplane Stereotypes
    🕵🏻‍♂Unpredictable Trick Shots 2

  2. D Fong says:

    That was by far the most exciting Airsoft Battle you guys have ever done. And in the snow, you took great advantage of using snow camo! That was awesome!

  3. Sean Chandler Talks About says:

    This is much appreciated. My son has rewatched the previous air soft battles (checks notes) 8,617 times. So now we have a new air soft battle he can watch on loop.

    • Angus Crickmar says:

      i know i do that aswel

    • Marlow Owens says:

      No way Sean!!!! I’m the biggest fan of all of your rankings and reviews videos! Must be crazy having another series of videos/movies on repeat given how often all the Disney, MCU, Star Wars, etc. movies are on at your house! Also, if you see this, thank you so much for making all the awesome videos that you make! They bring so much joy to me and countless other people! Check Sean out if you haven’t yet guys!!!

    • AidanS737 says:


    • G Studios says:

      Ur the best Sean! You and DP are two of my fav channels

    • Carter Loves Weather Gammill says:

      Even for autistic children like me.

  4. issac argueta says:

    Can we just recognize how much hard work the camera crew have to do. They ran like a whole marathon.

  5. Adam Sharp says:

    Oh man this one beyond awesome the snow map and the drones and vehicles added a while extra level to the coolness and that suspenseful ending dang what a come-back congrats on the first one tt

  6. Score 7i says:

    *DP always has the most Stunning videos to watch, thumbs up guys.* ☑☑☑

  7. Magic says:

    Can we just genuinely appreciate how much effort goes into DP videos?

  8. NOVRITSCH says:

    Cool rifles you guys picked! Nice 👀

  9. Minnesota Airsoft says:

    All of us Airsofters are staring at the guns as close as possible like 👁👄👁. No surprise most are Novritsch.

  10. Zarka says:

    That was by far the most exciting Airsoft Battle you guys have ever done. And in the snow, you took great advantage of using snow camo! That was awesome!

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