Snow? Whaaaaat?

Snow? Whaaaaat?

That’s crazy talk.

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20 Responses

  1. Mohammad Al-Zawahreh says:

    Really dad? Yeah, and the earth is round and clouds are made of gas >.>

  2. shuang WILLIam says:

    so happy !

  3. ike1218CA says:

    awww she is so cute, you can already tell she is going to be most gorgeous
    10/10 brainless shameless slut whore that everyone wants to fuck but

  4. Victor Jason Yeung says:

    Follow up video of her seeing snow fall?

  5. Pjor Berger says:

    Her teachers will love her/be very annoyed.

  6. Гайдамаки Шевченка says:

    It’s like I am Ukrainian speak with Russian about Russian soldiers at the
    east of Ukraine.

  7. Up To No Good says:

    Dude, she would be really dumb if she couldn’t see through your dumb

  8. sleep1937 says:

    I love kids who question things 🙂 but I wanna see the sequel in which she
    sees the snow

  9. skinsman82000 says:

    that kid is retarded….

  10. futebolcapixabatv says:

    she has a good point, actually

  11. Lorik JohnSmith says:

    It does reminds me of Donald Trump for some reason lol

  12. Vladimir Janic says:

    It seems like she’s fake laughing, but kids can’t fake laugh so cool.

  13. MinerzXD says:

    True story.

  14. nicki blairツ says:

    the dribble on her face lol

  15. Maria Ortiz says:


  16. InternetTards says:

    Quit exploiting your child.

  17. JoshPalerLin says:

    Dad, stop bullshit with me. – Love, your daughter lol

  18. Roselyn Alvarado-Ramos says:

    this was so cute! im dying

  19. Omar Bah says:

    She is so cute, but now you got us hooked we wanna see her when she see
    snow for first time :D

  20. the anonymous master pro says: