SNOW WHITE | Christina Grimmie (Side A EP)

SNOW WHITE | Christina Grimmie (Side A EP)

Please tune back here on August 18th for the second of four music videos in “The Ballad of Jessica Blue” series.

The “Ballad of Jessica Blue” is retro styled narrative and music video short film.

The story follows a young girls journey into self-discovery through her love life, her womanhood and her music. “Jessica” is at a crossroads in her life. She becomes suspicious of her boyfriend and is gripped by insecurities only to realize that she is doing more damaged to her own heart and future than any relationship ever could. Jessica has an upcoming showcase where she hopes to prove to herself and others that her music is as strong as her desire to be great. With the showcase days away she can’t seem to put together her set or her songs. Jessica is torn between boyfriend issues, her creative issues and a general feeling of self-doubt. She confides in the people closest to her and they all give her words of wisdom along her path of self-discovery. Her beloved grandmother reminds her that all the security, strength and love she needs is in that powerful voice on the other side of her heart. Jessica finds her path by doing what she loves. She sings from her heart.

Directed by King Hollis of Media 13 Studios

Snow White:

Side A EP:

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20 Responses

  1. i am croissant says:

    im so so so sorry but theres 69 dislikes

  2. sweetlikez says:

    I just feel so sad that a so called fan would do this. It’s been two months
    and it feels like it’s a bad dream that she’s gone. This video is amazing
    <3 Rest In Peace Christina Grimmie.

  3. Patricia A. says:

    We miss you Christina! please watch over us team grimmie! <3 <3 Always..

  4. Septian Satrya Nugraha says:

    Maybe it’s the last video uploaded. But not for us….

  5. MusicIsLife 1020 says:

    didn’t want this video to end :(

  6. kelsey ball says:


  7. Ryry Studios says:

    This sounds like the music from Steven Universe

  8. Nicole Tinoco says:

    When she was singing that someday Her prince would come I started crying
    cause that Day will never come. At least she is with the King ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. PrinceAnubis MSP says:

    R.I.P Christina Grimmie :'(

  10. safiya tariq says:

    I feel obliged to comment, but I’m speechless

  11. Ava Grace says:

    RIP Angel :)

  12. some one to know 194 says:

    The new video makes me cry to think that she’s dead I want to see her alive
    I want to think that she’s alive but I can’t Rip love you Christina grimmie
    we will always love you ????❤️??????? ⚰☠?

  13. xiner45 says:

    I am in tears

  14. Omar Mourad says:

    We miss you ?

  15. GalacticArceus09 says:

    Anyone else notice Cliché playing in the beginning?

  16. Emily Wayland says:

    I honestly balled my eyes out at this ?????? it is so amazing and
    seeing her so happy breaks me

  17. Amber Peterson says:

    Gosh can’t stop crying I wish she was still here :,(

  18. ReLoad3D MMO says:

    Can’t believe 34k likes vs only 83 dislikes….

  19. Valar Morghulis says:

    My God… I love it! I love her!!! I miss so much this angel!♥ :’)

  20. Karla ale bby says:

    r.i.p. she sang good r.i.p.