So I added a Difficulty for my dad…

So I added a Difficulty for my dad…

I coded a custom Minecraft Difficulty for my dad to see if with the use of this mod, he can beat minecraft… safe to say, it was interesting…

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27 Responses

  1. Fundy says:

    if you have a doorbell you should click the bell on my channel.

    its totally related, very important. trust me

  2. Davidci Codex says:

    Fundy is such a savage, once his dad has broken an oak log, he immediately gives his dad a heart attack. Bravo Fundy!

  3. ThomasTheSapling says:

    This was too good 😂♥

  4. Tinashe Hwata says:

    I cannot believe fundy can make something like coding interesting on a consistent basis

  5. Panthera Leor says:

    I love how his dad just jumps in void & fundy says you’re doing great. Just like how we learn when we’re young & parents would give us endless support.
    Love the vibe 💕

  6. lee janus says:

    Fundy’s dad has come so far! From “What’s a Minecraft” (0:13) to -jumping into the void- becoming a PVP and speedrunning god 😌

  7. Connor Pugs says:

    If I was playing with my dad, for the mod I’d have to remove the Ender dragon, hostile mobs and well… any fall damage or any damage actually imma just put it in creative

  8. EgoNation says:

    I love how the Dutch is coming through the dad so much. I’m Dutch as well, and for some reason I find a lot of entertain,ent in Dutch people trying to talk English in their best ability.

  9. Miss Palindrome says:

    I was laughing so hard during the process of making this mod, but honestly, as soon as his dad started playing, it turned into the sweetest, most wholesome thing. 🧡

  10. Noxmore says:

    6:46 as a plugin/mod developer i feel this in my BONES, for probably at least a year at the point i’ve wanted to figure out how to place a structure, a feature is easy, there’s just a place method that takes a context thingy, but for SOME GODDAMN REASON structures take like 30 million parameters that i have no idea how to get and i can’t just do a “” type thing, gotta love Minecraft’s spaghetti code.

    Also there’s actually a spigot api that someone made that allows you to place structures, but i think the nms is out of date so no luck there.
    I even trying de-compiling the api and copying the code over to my plugin, fixing the nms in the process, but i was never able to finish that.


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