So I Coded Pacman In Minecraft…

So I Coded Pacman In Minecraft…

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Pacman in Minecraft, I coded it so that the entire game of Pacman / Pac-Man, an old time classic, is now in vanilla minecraft (I used a plugin/mod on the server). with this plugin I messed with my friends and their reaction was HILARIOUS. I really hope you enjoy this video, I loved making it, was a ton of fun!


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Big credits to AdhesiveWombat


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33 Responses

  1. Fundy says:


    also subscribe otherwise you will miss the next video :))

  2. Pixelcraftian says:

    certainly did not expect pac-man to be spooky in a fundy video, but it’s an amazing and hilarious result LMAOO, awesome video 😀

  3. onnilu says:

    The fact that you coded an entire arcade game into a simple block game made eleven years ago just proves my point that you’re one of the best youtubers on the platform. You make the videos fun while involving coding and although that’s pretty boring, you make each video enjoyable and that’s just your charm. Great work, Fundy

    • hawker ort says:

      @Josef A. don’t forget that a Pac-man game mode already exists. it came out to celebrate when he turned 40

    • Geoman265 says:

      @Josef A. No need to be so nitpicky.

    • Josef A. says:

      First off, Minecraft is not a simple game.
      Second, “block” is not a game genre.
      Third, Minecraft is a 3D grid-based sandbox-game.
      Fourth, Minecraft has technically been in development since 2009 (12 years).
      Other then that, I agree.

  4. super robloxer says:

    “I’m gonna invite some kid-friendly YouTubers”
    Phil: swears at the first given chance

  5. ThatOneBeing says:

    the fact that he always takes his time to do stuff like this for us viewers is honestly amazing

  6. a cloud of curls says:

    I love how the people Fundy invited reacted so differently
    Phil has straight up Hardcore Minecraft flashbacks, Eret answers to everything like that “And I took that personally” meme and Wazdee just. screams in lover caps and moves on.

  7. PlywoodPants says:

    First coding videos: “This took me months”

    *codes not only a whole ass game out of boredom but also makes fun strange ideas come to life such as Pac-Man and snake*
    “Uh I started yesterday and I’m finished now uhhh enjoy”

  8. QWOP28 says:

    An interesting balance you could’ve had to Pac-Man, is he normally moves about as fast as say a Player Run, maybe slower. But once the player is in front of them, no matter the distance, Pac-Man just BOOKS IT. I think that’s be a really interesting premise and could’ve maybe even had the players think differently when playing.

  9. Ben Powell says:

    “I can even mow the lawn” *pac man drives full force into the earth at a depth of an entire meter and demolishes it with no perceptible deceleration implying either insanely large mass or insanely large force or insanely large mass pushing insanely large force*

  10. D Hristov says:

    we need more coop games like this where one player “controls” the game. Like, the ‘commander’ from “Natural Selection II”, or like a dungeon master from D&D :>

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