So I Made Minecraft Satisfying…

So I Made Minecraft Satisfying…


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23 Responses

  1. Sirender says:

    Suggestion – You know how if you throw loyalty enchanted tridents with a full inventory they come back infinitely orbiting the player because they don’t have a slot to return into? I’d love to see that be turned into a whirlwind shield around you that actually does damage. For even more chaos you could try combining it with the TNT arrow idea and watch them fling TNT in all directions as the kinetic force goes back and forth

  2. Hey_There_ Scout says:

    It’s nice that he made it to where the pigs don’t die, it’s such a simple change that has such a big meaning

  3. jarbarsi says:

    Simple answer for the sand pattern: some of the sand is landing on grass and dying, and the pattern used for grass generation is just really satisfying when highlighted like this

  4. Ikar Aviator [🎗Technoblade] says:

    I love the fact he coded the blade to not touch pigs. First I didn’t realized and just went Technoblade never dies like it was just a coincidence but then rewatched and get to know it was on purpose

  5. ItsBlue says:

    I believe the sand patterns you were getting around 8:50 relate somewhat to the flower generation code- there are only certain places that flowers can spawn naturally, and although the places change from seed to seed the pattern looks almost exactly the same. 
    You can view the pattern if you use/spam bone meal over a large area(this is will still show you the pattern since flowers can still only spawn in the same places as natural generation)(and get rid of the tall grass when that generates as well, then repeat the process until there’s next to no tall grass, as it has been replaced with flowers) you get a similar-looking result. I’m no expert, but that seems like the most likely solution. PhoenixSC also did this on stream once, that’s how I found out about it

    subscribe to fundy also have a good day 🙂

    • Maysee says:

      @Puttle ah, sarcasm say no more. Which 7 were new to you? I can definitely see a number of people not knowing demarcating or locution but I wasn’t certain about which others it would be. (I just know those two cause I read a lot)

    • Puttle says:

      @Maysee I put smart terms as a joke because I needed it to be dumbed down.idk what the heck flower generation code is. also thanks for allowing me to learn about 7 new words from using the online dictionary.

    • ThePyroMage says:

      I thought it looked like that

    • Maysee says:

      @Puttle a request for “smart terms” was put forth; an effort was made to comply.

    • Puttle says:

      @Maysee what the heck does that even mean??

  6. Creeper in Disguise says:

    Suggestion – Potion of Density: When drank it increases the gravity on the player or entity making it so they take more fall damage at smaller highs so if they die at 23 blocks they now die at 15 this would also decrease their jump height and make it harder to get to the surface of water. This could be used for higher slime bounces since you’d be falling at a higher speed meaning the slime would bounce you higher.

  7. Gabriel Muniz says:

    Fundy: “I’ll Happily code it!”

    Also Fundy a few months ago: “I hate your ideas”

  8. BunnyBear says:

    Suggestion: whenever you cut down one piece of wood from a tree, all the wood gets destroyed, and the same thing happens with leaves (you would need a special enchantment on an axe or ho in order to get that ability though)

  9. HoimenAM says:

    So the pattern of the sand reminded me of the pattern that flowers follow in Minecraft, like which flowers can spawn where, making something very similar to that sand pattern. So I’m wondering if maybe the game used the same default pattern?

  10. WadZee says:

    I am satisfied.

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