So I Turned Minecraft Into a Horror Game…

So I Turned Minecraft Into a Horror Game…

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PHILZA: not an editor 🙂

In this video, I made something crazy fun! I coded a custom mod/plugin/datapack to change Minecraft’s code, allowing me to add a bunch of new things! With this, I added lasers into Minecraft that allow the player to scan their surroundings, for some really cool visuals! The mod works with custom (GTX) raytracing that I coded/programmed myself, which was incredibly hard to do. This was very funny to work on though, I really enjoy the final result and I hope you guys like it as well! It took forever haha

#Fundy #Minecraft

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48 Responses

  1. Fundy says:

    Your browser bad. My browser cool. Get Opera GX:

  2. AlienPlaysMC says:

    Its so funny seeing philza slowly go from absolute fear to acceptance

  3. vikingcreature says:

    I’m always just amazed at what you can create in Minecraft, Fundy. It is genuinely SO impressive. Great job!

  4. Saiki The Psiioniic says:

    I love videos like these where Fundy just codes the coolest stuff and shows the process for it!

  5. Icchasaki says:

    I really really hope this becomes a big thing, it’s actually so well done and would make for so many awesome streams/ videos… genuinely hope he slaps a cool name on there and makes it available to play

    • Moon Candlelight says:

      You CAN play it

    • Icchasaki says:

      Not rlly. Don’t have Minecraft, or a computer that won’t try to sacrifice me to the underworld for the dire sin of hitting the power button.

      (Ik what u mean tho lol, I’m mostly hoping it becomes like. A thing. Idk how else to explain it)

  6. OmegaYeetMaster Barron says:

    I don’t know why we’re not seeing lidar-based games very much anymore. they are such a cool concept

    • Bingull the great says:

      I feel the same

    • RandomRebelSoldier says:

      Probably because there really isn’t much else you can do with it. Scanner Sombre showed off basically everything the technology had to offer, all the copycats didn’t bring anything new.

    • Marisa Acosta says:

      I remember there’s a on Roblox that had something similar to this it was a horror game I don’t remember what it’s call tho

    • Random Youtuber says:

      ​@RandomRebelSoldier The Gmod version was also pretty good, if you liked the original Scanner Sombre, the gmod gamemode is just as good in my opinion at horror.

  7. Fundy says:

    If you guys like this video I can try my best to release the mod so people can make custom maps, very curious what you think! Let me know 😀

  8. mewhenthe says:

    Ah yes, Minecraft horror. Exactly how the game was meant to be played

  9. DonutPug01 says:

    I’ve seen this idea implemented in other games and never would have expected you to make something like this, keep up the good work!

  10. Screaming Cat 🐷👑 says:

    you know it’s a good day when fundy uploads

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