So It Begins…

So It Begins…

So begins the Jacksepticeye How Did We Get Here Tour!

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Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here

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43 Responses

  1. Eclipse says:

    I live in Dallas but I can’t go😭😭

  2. jgd 1127 says:

    Its freaking crazy how much has happened to him honestly, he started out as a guy trying to do a solid snake impression now hes on stage in front of hundreds if not thousands of people, its nuts

  3. DuhItzMoRBLX says:


  4. Jakob The Neko says:

    I hope u don’t get the dream where u get crushed like last time😊

  5. sunshine is kpop trash says:


  6. sunshine is kpop trash says:

    It’s so sad that I live in Dallas but I couldn’t go to the tour. ;;;;

  7. Nick Kellum says:

    I remember when Jack didn’t even have a million subs ….. I miss those days

    • Yoonmin Trash says:

      Nick Kellum why? He’s improved, gotten happier, brought joy to so many more people, and is going on freaking tour! He’s finally living out his dream, and performing for fans that have been directly affected by his content. He’s spreading his PMA messages though out the world, and still keeping in contact with his fans! Enjoying who he is right now seems pretty great to me, as opposed to reminiscing about years ago. There’s no point saying that you miss those days, because while those days may have been fun, you have to live in the moment 😁

    • Nick Kellum says:

      Do you know what Nostalgia means? It’s never pointless to say “I miss those days” if its for a positive reason. You are right that its good to live in the present/moment, but we wouldn’t be here right now without the past, so think about what you just said.

    • Yoonmin Trash says:

      Nick Kellum
      I know, but you said that you miss those days, which makes it sound like you think that those days are better than what’s happening now. I’m sorry if I misinterpreted what you said, I just said what I thought.

    • Nick Kellum says:

      No its fine, you are right for the most part but I figured you misinterpreted it

  8. Laisha Z says:

    “And I found a can of soda just for you.”
    I’m speechless. Jack how dare you? Lmao

    “Wooow.” Okay, I forgive you because of that reference lol

    • New Galaxy says:

      1st: L i k e  this comment
      2nd: S u b s c r i b e   to me
      3rd: Re p l y  to this thread when you’re done
      4th: I will then sub to you!

  9. Samantha Angelu Ong says:

    Are you the real How to basic??

  10. Septic Fire Games says:

    Waited to long to get tickets but that’s not messing up my PMA! HAVE A GREAT TIME JACK!!! and also *no I’m not done lol* WELCOME TO AMERICA *I don’t really like it here but I’m thankful I have a place to stay*

  11. MedoraCowGirl says:

    That soda can was made for me!!

  12. xXguythatputsxsinhisnameXx says:

    So… he got here on a plane.

    Spoiler alert.

  13. Camryn says:

    It’s nice to hear people like Sean talk about Technicians cause as a Theatre Techie myself, you don’t get recognized for some of the stuff you do. It would be pretty cool to work tours like this, Sean probably gets to see so much on the buses and stuff, plus if you did like Europe and they still did stamps you could fill up a passport FAST

  14. Mac Foraday says:

    What is this talk of passports?! THE Jack Septiceye should have a lifetime pass to everywhere AND diplomatic immunity!

  15. Omega Gamer 009 says:

    Hope you’ll get your switch back.

  16. SantiagoMC says:

    How tall is Jack? 😂

  17. Matthew Forrest says:

    He used his old catch phrase, awesome. “Hello all you beautiful people” jacksepticeye 2012 and again 2018

  18. Yasmin Braga says:

    #3 ON TRENDING!??!!!

  19. Fox Goodman says:

    Tysm Jack for making this vlog for us ^_^

  20. Kevinlinho says:

    #3 trending

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