so long nerds

so long nerds


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15 Responses

  1. Default says:

    You had such a big impact on others and entertained millions. Rest in peace Technoblade.

    • Clips YouTube says:

      I made a memory for him


      technoblade is chewing dirt because i make better videos,. ,.

    • RLM says:


    • SuperGamersTV35 says:

      today was a good and bad day for YouTube. Ryan Trahan successfully delivered the penny to MrBeast, but his series ended. Now Technoblade passing. Today. June 30th 2022 was an emotional rollercoaster for YouTube having positive moments… and not so positive moments. rest in piece Techno, we will never forget you.

    • Smitty123 says:


  2. Mxghtydidntask says:

    “Technoblade never dies.” He will always live on whether it is in our hearts, us, Minecraft, or the future. He Will always be there. Rip.

  3. 1Directioner #ProudOfLiam says:

    Techno has lead so much of us and he means so much to everyone. He’s helped so many people and he definitely helped me through everything. I don’t know what I would do without him. So thank you Techno for everything all the memories and laughs, thank you for all you’ve done. We will all miss you. 💔Rest In Peace and fly high 🪦💔🕊

  4. toastie says:

    Iv’e never cried this hard my entire life, and that really says something. He was truly important to all of us in a special way ❤️ RIP technoblade, you’ll always live on our hearts.

  5. Owen Flynn says:

    I feel calling him by his name would be personal. He was a huge part of my humor developing it to a point where I could actually make friends with people in a community I felt comfortable. He was somebody who had always had a positive attitude and showing a brave face no matter the case. Techno was a legend who I will always appreciate and I hope that his family and everybody close to him live on.

    Technoblade Never Dies

  6. Faya Novea says:

    “Tecnoblade never die”
    Maybe he is gone but he’ll still in our heart
    I’ll never forget you king
    Fly high king
    Rest in peace Techno
    We will remember you forever… Thankyou for being the best for us

  7. Louser says:

    I want to give a thanks to Technoblade. He saved me a lot of nights and I could not thank him enough. I will forever love him and hope we can get through this. And a thanks to his dad for making this video, you’re an amazing dad and you deserve the world!!

  8. Lil 00F says:

    He will live on.. his videos are a treasure, he’s made me laugh even through difficult times. We, the fans, love him, and it’s true. Technoblade never dies. He will live on. Fly high Alex. ❤❤

  9. tednivisonsleftsock says:

    Technoblade never dies, he’ll always be alive in our hearts. Rest in peace big man, you really got me through some stuff

  10. Lynx says:

    R.I.P Technoblade, you were a huge inspiration to so many people, you are gone but definitely not forgotten.

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