So Roblox DOORS got a NEW UPDATE & It is AMAZING!

So Roblox DOORS got a NEW UPDATE & It is AMAZING!

Welcome back FINALLY To Roblox doors! I am so happy to be back playing this game and what better way to do it than with the new Hotel Update. This update brings new items, new secrets, new entities, lots of new rooms along with even more things! Enjoy!

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46 Responses

  1. Bill YT says:

    In case you don’t know, there are massive changes on doors 100 and 90-99. Doors 100 got a total revamp.

  2. Talha says:

    Door 100 is crazy compared to the old one, with a completely different way of powering the elevator. In case you didn’t notice, the way “seek” comes out of the ground is different. Just a little notice.

  3. Jasoncharles Castillo says:

    If you didn’t know, there’s actually a secret at door 60. You will need 2 lockpicks and a skull key to open it. I think you also need to flick the lever in door 61 to open something blocking the way to the door. I’m not gonna spoil anything else that happens, but you do get teleported there.

  4. Zaddahar says:

    There is a secret sector at door 60-ish. (For reference go to 19:22) You need 2 lockpicks and a skeleton key. You need to go through a hole in the wall and complete a small maze and a find a yellow light that leads to a door. Unlock that door. Enjoy
    – Zaddahar
    A Doors Completionist from the pre-Hotel+ update

  5. OofShinobi says:

    As someone who has finished doors a lot of times I’ve been looking forward to playing this for so long, now I get to watch Ryan play it. Good day 🙂

    Edit: Also, you may have not known but literally a few hours before the update, our pal Matt on Game Theory made a video on it. Seeing as his depiction of the update was correct I bet he’s satisfied lol

    Another Edit: Fun fact for people but the Theory painting Ryan saw is actually a room in Matt’s house, it’s probably his live streaming room where he made his stream on V1 of Doors last year, I think that this was a token of appreciation from the Devs for him playing the game, especially since one of the developers commented on his stream and said thanks.

  6. Kekahoz says:

    Always great to see you post Ryan! I’ve been trying out the new update as well and hope I’ll get to learn the new mechanics alongside you.

    • Dinergate says:

      look at my banner for mango !

    • SayinAround says:

      Ryan,you can go through somewhere in a small maze in door 56 or something near that is a door you have to find the lever to unlock the path and get two lock picks and keep the skull key too,because it is needed for the rooms

      Do you remember something called… A-60

      also ambush is the green one

      rush is the black one that’s fast

      seek is the sludge

      hide is in the closets who pushes you out

      jack is a rare occurrence that appears in closets

    • YeaMan says:

      Ryan said my music was 🔥on my page.

    • Hesus says:

      @Don’t Read My Profile Photo die

    • Don't Read My Profile Photo says:

      *DON’T READ MY NAME !!!!*

  7. PvZGamer says:

    The ending is a different experience now! Floors 90-100 are significantly a challenge to beat now but its worth reaching the final door!

  8. Narrow264 says:

    There’s a special pathway at some point that requires the skeleton key and 2 lockpicks, you’ll see a crack in the walls and it will have a very tiny maze. The pathway leads to the ‘Rooms’. I suggest you to try it out when you can!

  9. Chezzy says:

    if you ever come back to DOORS, oh man, you’re probably gonna be annoyed at door 90-100, because all the rooms are PITCH BLACK, and entities spawn frequently within every other room. You have to have a light, because there’s traps on the ground that you could step in. All you have are sound cues to rely on. Good luck!

  10. moon_lord says:

    8:03 dupe
    9:52 new seek anim
    11:19 new rush anim just staring at you and a blinking screen+new death screen
    11:39 new room
    12:32 the worst eyes spawn
    12:48 new room
    13:05 new room+new figure anim
    16:07 new bussin song a goblin and a squid creature called jeff
    18:22 when I break Mt knee I go to room+Bob door and 🌿 THAT HEAL
    19:02 new room if you look at small corridor
    19:20 2 new rooms
    20:44 rush vanishes for a split second the screams at the top of his lungs
    21:14 new system tells you how much battery you have but bigger
    22:14 new room
    23:25new room
    23:46 nature has taken over this room also Ambush is coming
    Give me likes please ill add more in the other part please I paused the video every time I saw something new it was PAIN

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