so Snoop Dogg sent me this..

so Snoop Dogg sent me this..


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  1. Ruulr Skybound says:

    “You can’t buy friendship.”
    Davie: “Observe.”
    “Hey Davie what’s crackilackin! It’s Big Snoop”

  2. Sentient Koffee says:

    I want to never give up on my dreams to do this too. With enough money, that is.

  3. O'Boy says:

    Don’t lie to us, we know Snoop actually paid you to cameo for him. Epic.

  4. Blackwater Park says:

    Davie just blew the thousands of USD dollars he was supposed to buy a new bass with. Sad times.

  5. Private Account says:

    Please don’t quit Bass. You are incredible at playing Bass!💙

  6. Strife says:

    Sad thing is, that those of us who have been following and know the truth about that “EPIC” rap SnotDog sent Davie; are sitting here with tears running down our face 🙁

  7. Alex Blackfrost says:

    He’s a very lucky person. Not everyone has the chance to jam with Davie504

  8. Lerris P'Angelo says:

    WOW!! he actually rhymed ‘baby’ with ‘crazy’? that is some of the deepest and most innovative, inventive, advanced and creative rhyming i ever heard

  9. Rocket Child says:

    It’s pretty amazing how Davie still managed to make content and be hyped, even though Snoop scammed him

  10. Fernando Silva says:

    It’s so nice to see Davie supporting and collabing with new artists and small creators. Such a humble man.

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