So This is Basically Fire Emblem

So This is Basically Fire Emblem

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ILLUSTRATIONS: TJ Bertino aka “Dream Kazoo”


MUSIC: pLasterbrain

Narrator + Pirate Boss – Brendan Blaber

Lord – Meredith Sims

Childhood Friend (Scarecrow Mage) – Zack Maher

Skeleton Mentor – James Cheek

Crappy Archer – Noah Damro .

Red and Green Cavaliers – Lamp tell your friends

Cleric – Erica Chiem

Knight – PhantomSavage (Kyle Land)

Pegasus Knight/Featherweight – mahiruhanayo

Cute Mage – ChibiSammii

Fate Vaike + Skunk Guy – ChaseFace

Dragon Girl – cavaticaVA

Old Man – TylerWatkins

Psychopath – Tom Laflin

Noble General/Lamus – Sam Shown

Suspicious Vizier – Jen McGregor

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96 Responses

  1. allahu snackbar says:

    Sully and stahl had the only exceptional personalities of the “two cavaliers” almost every game in my opinion

  2. Tuskor says:

    As a person who’s a big fan of Fire Emblem I gotta say, this is pretty much the series in a nutshell

  3. goblinoid says:

    “I’m going to die so you feel bad”

    -Lloyd and Linus.

    Also, Nino and Jaffar OTP.

  4. rickxhoshinji says:

    Who here fights for their friends?

  5. doctor_with says:

    Did you just call Virion crappy? As the only Virion fan in existance, I don’t really appreciate that. I choose to take those words as a direct threat to my livelyhood.

    The rest of the video was good, though.

  6. Jake Stavinsky says:

    2( and an extra) things from a hardcore FE fan
    1) Fliers are always good even if they had 1 in all stats that Mov too OP
    2) Armored units are always shit for the same reason but opposite plus they usually lack Speed which is generally considered the best actual stat
    Extra) If your playing FE7 all magic units other than Sage Serra and Pent are shit.

    • Darren Rogers says:

      CuriousGerudo Or you send her into the tower…… I mean, either one works

    • wackpendejo3000 says:

      Darren Rogers amelia, good joke…

    • Batta The Beast says:

      Jejejeje Amelia is Good better use batta the beast

    • Walumancer the Wahfather says:

      The only Pegasus Knight I ever used from the GBA games was Farina.

      But Wyvern Riders? Almost always good.

    • Pierre-François Casanova says:

      Raymond is right that pricilla is someone to take over serra. But did you guys forgot Cannas? He can staff and that luna tome! Also Erk isn’t that bad if you trained him in Lyn mode (but yes benched if you HHM).

      PS sorry emilia fans and the likes but mobility is my drug and I ain’t gonna waste time and ressources for units that I need to fix and for them to improve themselves. I’d rather use that stuff for units that just need to improve AND can rescue drop.

  7. Orange Knight says:

    Axes suck?
    Pugi says hi.

    • Daniel Do says:


    • John Erdimar Cativo says:

      **wealds Devil Axe**
      Out of my way normie spears and scrub swords

    • Pierre-François Casanova says:

      Well it’s not like 50 to 80% of the ennemies within the games were lancers, right guys?

      The only issue is that their accuracy sucks balls so being stuck on to them is shit (not as much as sword).

    • Orange Person says:

      The only problem with swords really is that they don’t have a 2 range option that doesn’t do magical damage

    • Pierre-François Casanova says:

      What about allmost constant weapon disadvantage? (shoutout to the lolders) See above the lowest FE ever when on ennemy ratio using a lance is 50%. Not to mention some classes that are so fragile they need to rely on avoid and have very poor durability (Lyn and Co myrmidon archetype)

  8. Christopher Lin says:

    What about that one dude you recruit that you thought was useless but all the pro players beg to differ?

    • Pierre-François Casanova says:

      JaDX well you can if you play slow enough especially with Oswin around and his ridiculous tankiness (even in hard). However it is true that it is not really efficient. Andre Gon watch Pitfall from Mekkah, it will help you understand how usefull this unit is.

    • DairunCates says:

      +Pierre-Francois Casanova So your logic is to trust the category of players that say Jagen is one of the most valuable characters in Shadow Dragon cause he can tank for 3 chapters before being completely worthless but act like giving kills to a unit once is the WORST THING EVER because it might COST A WHOLE TURN?

      Also, RNG manipulated runs aren’t really skill so much as trial and error since they can do things that would normally be instant death.

    • Pierre-François Casanova says:

      DairunCates Guess you could say that because it prove that the efficienty of those units used in cynergy to be a more optimal solution as a whole. You earn turns, weapon usage and are still able to finish the game. That is the concept behind ranked runs. (let’s be honnest I don’t care for battle or Exp rank personnaly)

      Now the thing is if you are used to riskless plays which I surely don’t condemn in any way. You can find uses in the general class for exemple. Which to be honnest is usually one of the strongest combat class in the game (competing only with Valkyries and Paladins for the title and then again game dependent). Only it is gonna be slower so when reseting if you fucked up it is gonna be longer to get to the same point which in my case is one of my main issues.
      Also note that the ressources you are gonna pull from it might starve other units which could have been more usefull overall. Like the people using Ava’s drop on Nino, she comes late, she doesn’t even have that good a growth BUT she sure has a whole lot of level to get through and you allready have a mage of each class with the addition of a demi-god. Fun fact, I only recruit her to get Jaffar, a prepromote with bullshit stats that make getting to the end game that much easier. While doing that I can still find exps other units which as a group benefit a lot more that a single unit.

      Now I used RNG manipulated as an exemple because in certain cases they make use of units which can be heavily questionnable and feeding a person amount of xp they shouldn’t have. The best example that comes to mind for me is the use of florina in blazing sword by kirbymastah at AGDQ where she aggro 6 physical units (including 2 bows) and stay alive in early chapters (don’t try it in casual gameplays). And as an outcome to it and getting perfect level up and is a much stronger unit that would otherwise be and is able to do stuff that should never be expected out of her.

    • JaDX 243 says:

      DairunCates jagen isn’t good because he can tank the first three chapters, he’s good because he’s the only unit which can consistently two hit ko almost all of the op enemies of the first few chapters (until around chapter 4), has the best damage output until hardin comes by and it isn’t too hard to find slots for him since you’re only training like 7 units after chapter 6. That is, of course if you play on hard 3 and beyond, everything below that is easy

    • DairunCates says:

      Here’s the three problems with that.

      1. It’s not how most people play the game and that advice is worthless outside of those gameplay styles. If you’re not SPECIFICALLY going for an optimum turn and score run, Jagen is not, as I have seen in an actual video, “a 5 out of 5 star” unit. And when these players keep giving advice that “Pre-promoted units are better than high growth units” they’re giving them to people that don’t play the game that way. Encouraging new players to rely on their Jagens isn’t just bad advice, it’s the kind of advice that might make the game unwinnable for them. There’s quite a few horror stories when FE7 came out where people gave almost all of their EXP to Marcus and weren’t good enough strategists to solo the final map with Athos.

      2. This isn’t how the game intends you to play it mostly either. A lot of the gameplay styles where these ideas apply have you skipping out on support conversations and resetting a lot more than other styles. These kinds of things are fine when you’ve MASTERED the game, but if you’re even doing a no reset run or want to farm supports because you enjoy that aspect of the game, the advice is not nearly as valuable or can even be hindering.

      3. With a few exceptions, a lot of the advice that’s given for that is also given on the easier difficulties for the game. Most speed and optimum runs run on the easiest difficulty for a reason. Now, it is true that characters like Jagen or Frederick can help you get through the early chapters of harder modes easier (Frederick is actually REQUIRED for Lunatic+ with anything approaching ALMOST consistency), but a heavy reliance on Pre-promoted units can actually make the game considerable harder on these difficulties, and it’s actually not practical in some of the FE games. Once again, if your SPECIFIC goal is minimum turns, you HAVE to use pre-promoted horses, but the advice itself is still absolutely terrible for general purposes when playing the game, and this advice is frequently listed as “FACT”.

      If you want to be specific, there’s a series called “Fire Emblem Myths” by Mekkah, that I think is legitimately the WORST thing a new player can watch for the series, because he treats everything like everyone is playing the game for absolute speed optimization. There’s actually a video parodying this for Echoes that came out where a player listed the top 10 best characters in Echoes based on the stamina stat, because “eating food costs time and resources”. That ends up putting Nomah as one of the best characters in the game. Despite the humor, this is a legitimate complaint about this idea. Any character can be the best in the game depending on your actual goal in playing the game. A lot of these arguments completely change the definition of how the game is usually played to serve the purpose of their argument.

      Point is. Jagen is DEFINITELY not the most valuable unit in Shadow Dragon, and I’m still pissed that you can’t murder him for Frey in Hard mode.

  9. Diegolis05 Gaming says:



    *5:17** – FREE THE TIT*
    don’t hide it

  11. Woozma says:

    So why does the parody have better character design than the source material?

    • The Mad Tinkerer says:

      Because fans need to try harder and have more motivation to try harder. After a project or two, professionals inevitably realize their bosses’ bosses prefer replaceable drones to irreplaceable talent, and “safe” adequate products to “risky” outstanding products and so the pros’ motivation to exceed is eventually sacrificed on the altar of success. Fans, on the other hand, have to perpetually compete to stand out and so their motivation to exceed is perpetually fed by other fans.

    • Alastorchaos says:

      Actual voice acting that fits their archetypes? No need for Nintendo censorship? Kinda’ looks like what Fire Emblem would look like if Wayforward made it…and I approve of it.

    • Guts says:

      Until now the pattern of changing artists after a game or two has been respected, so except for Fates it’s their own artstyle and designs that we’ve seen and not something forced

    • Toon Link says:

      The only one that looks good is the Lord. The artstyle of the video reminds me more of Half genie hero than any FE game

    • Satisfied Man says:

      Wot u doin here

  12. Ghast says:

    Yeah… Fire Emblem Binding Blade was pretty terrible

  13. Strix182 says:

    I actually really want to play this parody Fire Emblem game, that Lord character is very bad ass.

  14. JYip says:

    Now get ready for depressing character endings such as:
    – Dies a couple years later from illness!
    – Becomes a terrible parent!
    – Disappears never to be seen again!
    – Gets stuck in an unstable, and frankly bizarre marriage!
    – Meets the love of their life again as enemies on the battlefield!
    – Eventually becomes a witch!
    – Cannot actually marry due to their different social status!
    – Marries (but not to your OTP)

  15. jswp5 says:

    Hold on a fucking minute… there’s a series of games about those anime characters in Smash Bros?

  16. Alex Trin says:

    I hope this doesn’t trigger anyone who defends the older FE games with lion-like feriocity :O

    • Alex Trin says:

      Pierre-François Casanova Well, maybe “waifu simulator” is kiiiiiinda debatably overblown, but yeah, the newer FE games are taking a few different turns than the older ones… though at least it worked XD

    • Alex Trin says:

      ew275x I guess it just boils down to this “easily offended” culture some of the internet carries itself with these days, where being different is something you gotta be proud of (that’s alright :D) but also something you gotta stand by through putting others down for having conflicting opinions (that’s bad ;_;)

    • Pierre-François Casanova says:

      Sex sales ain’t a myth 😀 There is that and the fact that the difficulty got a lot lower (since FE8 to be honnest as you could infinite farm and I had a hard time not doing it :p and after with the stats combining bullshit or multiple promotion).

      Let’s just say at least the franchise is alive and well. Maybe if it become casual enough they will give us a bone from time to time. And can’t wait for the switch one to come out.

    • Alex Trin says:

      Tuskoub Ah… that’s unfortunate 🙁 liking different things than other people doesn’t mean you gotta assume they’ll hate you for it.

      I should have worded my earlier comment better. It was meant to be a light-hearted poke at those particular elitists that DO hate on the series for what it’s evolved into with FE13/14 (given that through this video, references how Awakening and Fates have vastly influenced what FE is most known for in this current decade were teasingly shown)… I should’ve also included those newer fans that play the victim card to, in actuality, no one at all.

    • Alex Trin says:

      Pierre-François Casanova Agreed, and I remember FE8 XD I loved how every unit – even Amelia – could become “viable” (of course, barring LTCs and other gameplays) if the player chose and I do wish the Switch version lets us keep that option available to open up the most ways to play and enjoy the game!

  17. LemonOVA says:

    Why am I here I never played this game

  18. Seigi VA says:

    These seem like so much fun to voice in. Now I want to voice in the next one 😅

  19. thebahooplamaster says:

    This reason alone is why I never finished Fire Emblem Echoes.

    *_Too obsessed with not letting anyone die_*

  20. Em. R.O. says:

    I have played absolutely all the Fire Emblem Games and I can say that this is totally true LMAO

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