So This is Basically Overwatch

So This is Basically Overwatch

Junkrat is best girl

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Overwatch is owned by Blizzard Entertainment. Certain environments from the game were redrawn for clarity.

Music: Paper Mario: TTYD – Glitzville
Zigeunerweisen – Pablo de Sarasate

Featuring pLasterbrain as gross DVa munching on Doritos

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20 Responses

  1. Xana Lejsek says:

    hahaha The last part in spanish was awesome and funny xDDD I feel sorry for
    who can’t undestand spanish xDD

  2. Xyp says:

    What about’s mech, thats a girl
    we call our cars “She”

  3. Spencer Genovese says:

    “Little timmy’s first oc”

  4. SoulStatement says:

    This games cinematic trailers remind me of The incredible because of the
    way they work together and the cut scenes, Meet the Robinson’s because of
    the gadgetry and big hero 6 becasue of the different characters with powers
    and team play.

  5. Izanqq says:

    Just 23s

  6. Ash Ketchup says:

    that last part was totally a mexican soap opera :v

  7. Erin Simpson says:

    Can you do adventure time??

  8. Tegan Dumpleton says:

    I found out there ARE girl robots! It’s in a character quote!

  9. Noah V (Mr Nue) says:

    Build-a-Buddha? YASS.

  10. Bored Much? says:


  11. Galaxy101 N says:

    I think agent 47 is more of a advanced warfare

  12. GummyBearLincoln says:

    Hello do you watch evangelion

  13. thebeybladeawesome says:


  14. Spartan 176 says:

    men i laugh so much in the second 0:40 (that face)

  15. KhaosKidd says:

    Lmao edgy grandpa’s

  16. RevucumberTechUSA says:


  17. xStanatic [TTP] says:


  18. Mirnes Trto says:

    He’s got great map detail

  19. FissionImprovision says:

    Please don’t use that voice again, it’s truly awful.

  20. Kappakappa duk says:

    I’m shocked that Overwatch doesn’t have a sub title. The game should be
    called Overwatch: Because video game logic.