“So Tough to Believe” – Rich Eisen on Deshaun Watson Addressing the Latest Allegations Against Him

“So Tough to Believe” – Rich Eisen on Deshaun Watson Addressing the Latest Allegations Against Him

Rich Eisen reacts to Deshaun Watson’s first public comments since his Cleveland Browns introductory press conference in March.

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45 Responses

  1. Jared says:

    The most player friendly contract in the history of the NFL is CRAZY!!

    • Warpath says:

      @like a light Sure, you can be surprised about it, but the Browns were just doing what should’ve been done a long time ago in the NFL. Guaranteed contracts in most other major sports. If you’re a young athlete, would you rather have guaranteed money in the NBA or MLB, or just a guaranteed signing bonus from the NFL?

      Think about it. The NFL stands to lose a lot of athletes in future years. This was coming eventually. They’re losing kids playing football because of concussions, so their talent pool is getting squeezed. It’ll eventually catch up to them.

    • Warpath says:

      People amking something out of nothing with the Browns..nothing new there.

    • Richard Gibbs says:

      @R S dude has a worse record as a started than Jimmy g. Also how does he have the best qb rating in the last 5 years when he didn’t play last year

    • Georgie browntown says:

      @R S hes 28-26 as a starter 😂

    • Steve Conrad says:

      @r s – Watson can start for Mean Machine

  2. Cameron Clark says:

    While allegations are appalling and are baffling to hear, I think that most incredible thing is that during all this, the Cleveland Browns offered him a virtually completely guaranteed contract without seeing how this plays out. Its one, baffling as the team could be out nearly 45 mil for a player that may never touch the field due to his actions, but it is also appalling to think that the Browns may have just rewarded someone who may have committed serious actions that affect so many people. If he is cleared, I hope we can forgive him but it feels tough to believe that with the patterns that we are seeing in this case, that he is totally innocent.

    • Taurean Z Depp says:

      @Brett Daley soooooo simple question is why didn’t any of them go to police?

    • Brett Daley says:

      @Renee Smith regardless, if someone says “no” then that’s it.

    • Brett Daley says:

      @aaron clay regardless of whether they came back, if they don’t want it then you don’t do it…how’s this so fucking complicated. A person can withdraw their consent whenever they feel like it and that’s every person’s right. This idea that once you say yes that’s that is a big reason why this stuff happens.

    • Renee Smith says:

      @Brett Daley this is different when you willingly show up to give a “massage” if you aren’t a massage therapist. As if everyone doesn’t know what that is really about

    • Sean Hanlin says:

      @Jump Street24 actually numbers do matter. Statically the more people who come forward with allegations, higher chance that they aren’t lying. I’m sorry you don’t understand that.

  3. Roger White says:

    As horrible as a situation this is for all the multiple women involved and the overall integrity of the NFL as a whole, gotta love how shitty of a spot this puts the browns. Man may never play a snap and it costed them hundreds of millions of dollars and 5 years of first round draft picks. Browns will still be the browns for many years to come.

  4. Christopher Keller says:

    Only $1m is lost if he is suspended indefinitely?!? Amazing. His agent needs a raise. And a medal. Definitely deserves a book deal, or at least a viral TED Talk.

    • Thehoodedteddy13 says:

      @Steve Hornea you mean the two years that he’s likely to be missing? That’s what he’s talking about, those first two years are the ones he could be paid to do nothing in

    • Warpath says:

      @Ronald Coleman Thanks for the info. I only know about the Browns and how they approach contracts, esp. long term deals like this.

      I think they are making something out of nothing with this talk of the Browns handing out a friendly 1st year contract. The other stuff is bad enough, if true. Don’t make silly crap up like this. Eisen is better than this…at least I used to believe he was.

    • Ronald Coleman says:

      @Warpath Not just the Browns everybody across the league does it

    • Doug Warren says:

      Browns broke a major rule in business. Do not let your emotions into a business deal.

    • av mail says:

      this is almost aiding and abedding by the browns to help keep money from victims and teh nfl. ha!

  5. kirkangel525 says:

    I would like to thank the Miami Dolphins for suddenly believing in Tua

  6. Joey Shadrick says:

    What’s disrespectful is the NFL will instantly punish someone for things like drugs, PEDs, and gambling but they’ll let this mess drag out forever. These suits keep piling up, so how many does it take before the league says enough?

  7. Lane Novotny says:

    The Most Ultimate Brown’s Move Ever!

  8. Gus M says:

    UNBELIEVABLE. GOOD LUCK CLEVELAND. Who the hell in the organization brought him in and gave this contact with all this legal mess over his head ???

  9. Airfleet says:

    “Top notch teams” don’t get themselves in this position. This is not something that blindsided them, which is why they were bidding against themselves for his services. Absolutely no other team was willing to offer close to $230mil fully guaranteed with all his baggage.

    • Mitchell Bassler says:

      @Ben Coates – Who cares if he hasn’t played in two years??? What the heck does that mean??? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ Joe Montana didn’t play for two years, was traded, and then he led the Chiefs to the AFC Championship during his first full year back. And talent doesn’t only come from the first round, you 🤡. There are Hall of Famers who were drafted in the sixth, seventh, and later rounds.

    • Mitchell Bassler says:

      @Jyan Harris – You’re the one who brought race into the conversation not me. Re-read all of your comments. You keep making these passive-aggressive accusations as if you’re an emotionally immature child. Just say what you really mean.

    • Ben Coates says:

      @Mitchell Bassler wrong. he will be coming off not playing for 2 years. will be mid. also the browns screwed themselves over because they won’t have good draft picks for years. wont have any young talent.

    • Jyan Harris says:

      @Mitchell Bassler don’t automatically think that and the fact that you said it not me tells me everything I need to know! Also fyi we understand your dog whistle better know and all of the betting around the bush at what you really mean! With that said entertain someone else now!!

    • Mitchell Bassler says:

      @harley – Jerry Jones would have paid him, too, if he didn’t already have a quarterback.

  10. John Drummond says:

    The Browns signed Watson knowing he already had a bunch of pending claims against him. Before doing that, they screwed Baker Mayfield. They deserve this. All of it.

    • Burg Carli says:

      This is about the giant egos of sports franchise owners. They will do anything, ANYTHING, to win
      a trophy. The irony… this probably sets the Browns back another 20 years. Good for them. This is
      just another sign of the degradation of our culture.

    • William Jones says:

      Sound like a hater and Baker was not the one so stop it

    • FobbitOperator says:


    • Yourgirllovesmangos says:

      @Hassi Giovanni  how? Like a professional athlete is going to say to the coaching staff “ hey coach I’m hurt bad I can’t play” …it’s up to thre training staff to step in and say ok he’s hurt bad and is going to do more damage than good.. in the act they probably damaged bakers left shoulder permanently for the rest of his life by trodding him out there… cmon guy

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