So What Do We Do?

So What Do We Do?

Stephen has some thoughts, prayers and questions about the tragic events in Colorado Springs and San Bernardino.

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20 Responses

  1. ChBro37 says:

    Suck it republicans

  2. not your damn business says:

    for what he must show 3 kinds of ID?

  3. Iván Astigarraga says:

    to buy what?

  4. Comment Bot says:

    Then we just need to outlaw pressure cookers and fertilizer.

    After that free speech will be banned and Colbert will be out of a job.

  5. Rousseau says:

    Giving people guns is the stupidest idea ever. I would not show up to
    school if I knew that my hardheaded teacher had a gun.

  6. Zenn Exile says:

    Stephen, you can print all the ammunition you want using a 3D printer.
    Please stop being stupid. You are destroying your own legacy with ever
    single talking point reaction video you make.

    Gun control is a politically polarizing talking point. That is all. In a
    age when a child of 15 years can print a Gun and the Ammo with a 3D printer
    they got for Christmas, there is no longer gun control. It does not, can
    not, and never will exist as long as anyone with e 3D printer can print a
    gun and ammo.

    Please let this sink in and accept your ignorance in this matter as a
    learning experience. You are leading everyone who watches you to believe
    utter contrived bullshit and that makes you a terrible person.

  7. says:


  8. says:


  9. says:


  10. 2warhammer34 says:

    The focus should not be on guns or ammunition. The fact is these ppl were
    under “scrutiny” and weren’t actively investigated as they should’ve been.
    This false argument is brought to the forefront so that we can squabble and
    bicker amongst ourselves while those in power suck away every ounce of our
    basic freedoms.

  11. Justin Sooter says:

    This is some of the best of Colbert

  12. 84chevypickup says:

    welcome back Steve

  13. 84chevypickup says:

    fuck guns, we need Chinese throwing stars

  14. hsbr00m says:

    Those in power want to get rid of the 2nd amendment and we wont let them!

  15. thebobhollyband says:

    We should make crack illegal, so nobody will use it… Also we should make
    it illegal to drink and drive a car! I mean people are buying massive
    quantities of gasoline, and then driving all around town while
    intoxicated… Maybe we should make it harder to buy gas, or better yet,
    lets take all of the cars away… Only cops need cars, right? Sorry all of
    you responsible drivers

  16. Magellan says:

    What did he say after 1:44 “show three forms of ID to buy ????”

  17. Jee D says:

    Taking guns away from good and bad people won’t stop the bad people. They
    are bad people, they don’t follow laws. Therefore, passing laws that
    negatively affect good and bad people will do nothing.

    It’s amazing to see the push for more regulation which affects good and bad
    people. It seems to me that people forget to look at the most basic concept
    surrounding this whole issue – there are good people and bad people. What
    do bad people do? They don’t follow the laws.

  18. MrApple says:

    Maybe instead of making the ridiculous Sudafed comparison and laughing it
    up maybe we should be angry and asking why we all get treated like
    criminals when buying the Sudafed in the first place. How many people
    bought Sudafed yesterday and didn’t use it to make crystal meth? While we
    are at it, how many people own and or possessed firearms yesterday and
    didn’t misuse them to harm others? So maybe instead of looking to strip
    away the rights and responsibilities of the People we should be looking
    into giving them more!

  19. Robert Blinzler says:

    What does i say about our society when the only public figures speaking
    reason are comedians?

  20. SuperShinkenRed says:

    I don’t know why you guys are hating him. He’s not a Liberal. He’s a
    Conservative Republican. If he can see the bullshit then why can’t we all?