Sober Convos 4: Crushes and The Perfect Relationship

Sober Convos 4: Crushes and The Perfect Relationship

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65 Responses

  1. sophia russo says:

    Reasonable answer: “Maybe he just couldn’t get anyone”

    Dom answer: “Maybe he’s just a LOSER”

  2. Garret Castro says:

    “especially someone unattainable”
    *is loser*
    *realizes everyone is unattainable*

  3. •Dino Cat• says:

    Is it weird when you’ve known your crush since 4th grade,but all of a sudden you start liking them in 7th grade…

    Asking for a friend…..

    • WhatEverMyNameIs !! says:

      Nah not at all. People change so therefore your…. I mean your “friends” idea and feelings towards the person can change.

  4. Juan Saenz says:

    Freind: crying because his girlfriend broke up with him
    Domics: “are you ok?”
    Freind: “you won’t understand”
    Domics: 1 – 4 of brake ups

    Edited: Sorry its friend and breakups… Happy now, I honestly don’t know why this is important to you guys but ok

    • Nicholas Purchase says:

      @Sepharoth Okay well, asshat isn’t a word, and it’s a *joke* you prick.

    • Emma Jade says:

      Nicholas Purchase being rude isn’t a sense of humor, please just drop it.

    • Nicholas Purchase says:

      @Emma Jade oK I gUeSs I WiLl jUsT dRoP iT

    • NoahNoodle says:

      Nicholas Purchase, stop being so aggressive. if it was just a joke then why are you taking everything so hard. Some guy even apologised to you and you still kept arguing. There’s no reason to have so much hate on a comment that does not deserve it.

    • Nicholas Purchase says:

      @NoahNoodle Bruh Ik I put these “oK I gUeSs”, making it look like I’m being sarcastic but I’m *NOT* being sarcastic, I did * DROP* it, I’m putting them in bold letters so its *CLEAR* that im being *SERIOUS*

  5. Caleb Rojas says:

    Dom: “Are you bored?”
    Me: “Dude I have homework for days”

  6. aniMADEit says:

    *he protec*
    *he attac*
    *but most importantly, them audible sponsors always comes baccc*

    edited: small time creator here, would love to receive some feedback!

  7. TheFaller27 says:

    Anime plot: Girl falls hopelessly in love with boy who fails miserably at everything he ever does. However, he’s also failing to notice her feelings.

  8. OwO says:

    A crush is like catching a legendary pokemon, I just can’t catch them with my rookie skills

  9. AnJelloProductions says:

    Domics: “You’re leaving the love of your life to go lose.”

    Kressh: “I can find enjoyment in other things than racing.”

    Also Domics: “You lose in everything you like.”

  10. James Elliott says:

    Me: Watching this video and NEVER been in a relationship
    Everyone else: at least I’ve had 1

  11. R Perm says:


    Domics: “mMMmMm”

  12. Amos Birb says:

    Kressh: wants a very wholesome life.
    Dom and Jomm: how can we break this?

  13. Cutie 479 says:

    Kressh: “I race just for the fun of it!”
    Dom: *Wait that’s illegal*

  14. ilma iskander says:

    “I had a lot of crushes where its like I think they’re attractive and then they say one thing that vibes with me well and then I just base everything off of that”

    I have never related to something this bad….

  15. nyx. elia says:

    dom: “what constitutes a crush?”
    me, an aroace who’s constantly confused: oh my god finally an answer! they themselves had to look it up….

  16. BennyWin says:

    *Sees Dom with another Sponsor*
    Audible: *throws money at Dom* I choose when we breakup, not you

  17. myfatherwillhearaboutthis says:

    You know its bad when your brain sees “coronavirus” instead of “convos”

  18. RS Matt says:

    His intro sounds like a knock-off version of the porn hub intro music

  19. Miranda Brambila says:

    “or even if you’re just playing animal crossing”
    shoot he caught me

  20. Minitrain says:

    Girl: does something awkward
    Jomm: aight ima break up

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