Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

It’s soccer (football) time!
►See the football vs football video we did with Soccer AM!

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Comment “haha those haircuts!”

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20 Responses

  1. Antonio Rodriguez says:

    sterling is at barber by night

  2. SkylerCyrus says:

    Ranger Me: Warning curse is In use. YOU MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLES FOR 5 YEARS
    AND THIS IS TENSPORT????? Un rage me: Oh nice vid

  3. Alexander L says:

    You guys should have looked at some actual football trick shots. Save for
    the initial one, they were all pretty shitty, and you wasted all that
    talent. You could have literally gotten regular footballers from any large
    city in the UK, and they would have done exactly what these guys could do.

    What a shame.

  4. robert kinggs says:

    Lol this vid is kind of racist

  5. Phil Dang says:

    Thx for seeing my comment?

  6. eyecyerface7 says:

    Tys cut is better

  7. hovnou77 7 says:

    You guys should do one with John Cena lol *AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA DOO DO
    DOO DO

  8. Shane Moore says:

    Holy crud did that actually shave there hair??

  9. Mike Zipevski says:

    Why not Manchester United do one with them pls

  10. Adam Syder says:

    Liverpool 4-1 Manchester City
    Raheem Sterling’s punishment career has started.

  11. vault of arms says:

    It’s not even spelt that way it’s futbul

  12. Jonessa Hebreo says:

    U guys should do turn off the lights edition where u do a trick shot and
    hit a candle light to turn it off or hit a light bulb

  13. Gustav Hellström says:

    two man city stars vs two arsenal subs

  14. Rachael K says:

    the didn’t even kick the ball other people were

  15. Wufu og Stebresan says:

    Make a video with F2Freestylers :D

  16. Prince Alameda says:

    Tennis Or Football

  17. Yana Brooks says:

    omg that’s Kevin ?? from the red devils (belgium national soccerteam)

  18. David Fraley says:

    Haha those haircuts

  19. boukiCZ says:

    You should make a video with F2Freestylers :D

  20. Darek Malhotra says:

    these arent that hard any pro players in the pl could do this.