Sofia Vergara on Her Fairy Tale Wedding

Sofia Vergara on Her Fairy Tale Wedding

The newlywed actress tells Ellen about tying the knot with Joe Manganiello!

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20 Responses

  1. Melina86 says:

    I have a question… for people who speak English. If a woman talks the
    language with an accents (not so much like this but kinda, or more like an
    Italian accents, whatever), does it bother a lot, or for men it’s like
    “nice” or something?

    For example I like when people from other countries speak Spanish and they
    have an accent, is quite and sometimes hot depending on the guy… but i
    don’t know if it’s backwards.

    Thanks =)

  2. Morgan Katz says:

    Ellen, it’s my dream to meet you!!

  3. tdk08 says:

    she got married so fast

  4. Meghan Denise says:

    I can’t stop laughing

  5. Dubem Agu says:

    She’s my spirit animal

  6. danxe says:

    what i wouldn’t give to see the full episode… Sofia is PERFECT

  7. Rebecca Chen says:

    Shes so adorable

  8. 11892rosa says:

    “You do your little dancing here, but…” Ellen cracks up. Hahahaha

  9. EmjayI 8 says:

    wait….she has a son?!?! holy crap. :o

  10. Lamia Mahpara says:

    She should be on the Ellen show more. 🙂 :)

  11. So Breezy says:

    She sounds like she has a dick in her mouth….which is A-OK! :’D

  12. Wisdom says:

    fuck beyonce and jay z, sofia and joe is the hottest couple

  13. David-George Brown says:

    Sofia’s hilarious. xx

  14. Anaiss Jacobs says:

    I wonder if all Americans think that latinos actually talk like that.

  15. lovingjk says:

    i love how sofia bragging about her wedding reception to ellen and tellin’
    her how awesome it is haha

  16. stylistfashionboo says:

    lool sofia is so funny

  17. Ram Ali says:

    I mean seriously who would miss going to a FOUR MILLION DOLLARS wedding
    just because they had to work! ?

  18. kris tiana says:

    It’s like there’s no ellen interview with Sofia that is not funny!

  19. kris tiana says:

    Why is she like 43 and still so so sexy tho? it’s unfair haha

  20. Dori Keppler says:

    I love spending my days watching Ellen videos.