Sofia Vergara Wants to See Ellen in Her Underwear

Sofia Vergara Wants to See Ellen in Her Underwear

“Modern Family” star Sofía Vergara discussed her new EBY Underwear line, and she had the perfect pair for Ellen.

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83 Responses

  1. EverydayShay Irène says:

    Sofia She looks that a lady always smile so good so gorgeous 😊💖😍😂

  2. EverydayShay Irène says:

    She’s so hot😱😂😍

  3. Ambika Maharjan says:

    OMG Clicked right away when I saw her.

  4. Ambika Maharjan says:

    I was waiting for her to promote on ellen. Finally yay

  5. Aradia X says:

    I love her! She’s such a sweetheart. I own some of her furniture collection. Beautiful designs. ^_^

  6. Qissmoh says:

    She is so funny n pretty 😂😘

  7. Karen Foo says:

    Aside from her and Portia, I love seeing these 2 together!

  8. sirsinai swat says:

    Hahaha The black one is so strange 😀😀

  9. THE CRITIC says:

    This both can make me laugh literally anytime😂😂😂
    Hope those slingshots protect her *sauce* muscle(psoas)

  10. HARA VARGARA says:


  11. TopTen says:

    MISSWORLD 2017 crowning moments 👑

  12. karjars says:

    As a latina I fully understood what Sofía tried to say with “I want to see you in this underwear” it’s a very common (and not sexual or perv) way to say “you should wear this”. 
    This is a classic mistake from a bilingual person, lol.

  13. no says:

    “It’s soft it’s cowton” lol

  14. Kaylee Kreiser says:

    I just love her accent

  15. Alain Bruno says:

    My two favorite personalities in Hollywood 👍

  16. Kamaya Swain says:

    She sounds like Titi from Madea goes to jail. IS SHE?

  17. R. says:

    All the sexual harassment stuff going on these days and it’s _funny_ as long as it’s _women._ Dafuq?

  18. Mike 714 says:

    Y do women need money to micro finance businesses men do it fine. The money would probably be better off going to other things like women’s shelters

    • Santiago Almanza says:

      Um because not only men own businesses

    • Sanni Suhonen says:

      because men and women are equal?

    • keeger says:

      Sanni Suhonen Ik he’s saying because we are equal you don’t need the money and it can go to better things.

    • keena242 says:

      Mike 714 a cause is still a cause. At least she still chooses to help

    • Warrior Queen says:

      I think it’s meant to help women who have to raise their children/family on their own (mostly because their j**k partner abandoned them or died), which is sadly something “common” to happen here in Colombia and I bet it happens in other countries as well, these women come from very poor areas, most of them doesn’t have a carreer, barely finished highschool and most likely got pregnant at a very young age (15 to 17 years old) and not to mention that most of them have 3-4 kids or more…
      Here in Colombia we don’t get help from the goverment (unlike the US), here if you don’t have money to pay your bills then have fun living in the streets, no one cares if you have 2-3 or 5 kids, it’s your own problem, trust me I’ve seen entire families living in the streets and it’s pretty sad, this is why I love what Sofía is trying to do for these kind of women.

  19. Will Holygons says:


  20. haylcon says:

    How is that not sexual harassment? We’ve had so much outrage, how is this any different? Girl on girl? It’s still unwanted sexual attention.

    • Lidyybug says:

      It’s not sexual harassment. They were both joking around.

    • MollyPrewittWeasley says:

      1. They’re friends who joke around.
      2. Sofia didn’t mean it like that; English isn’t her first language.
      3. A straight woman saying something like that to another woman, is not the same thing as a straight man saying it to a woman.

    • xx1 xx1 says:

      haylcon haha i think she tried to say “i would like you to wear this one” lol she pretty much translates from spanish to english in her head i think. I know because i do it. In spanish you can say “me gustaria verte usar esta” when you say that, it doesnt mean you literally wanna see the person when using it lol just means “you should wear it”

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