Solar eclipse: 2015 – Stargazing Live – BBC One

Solar eclipse: 2015 – Stargazing Live – BBC One Professor Brian Cox, Dara O’Briain and Liz Bonnin bring us coverage of the solar eclipse.

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20 Responses

  1. Dave NGauge says:

    Bring back Clarkson. Top Gear better than the sun going to bed for two

  2. La Casita Del Quilting says:


  3. Julian Acabal says:

    Wow the eclipse wasn’t in America? Thanks Obama you’re fucking healthcare
    prevented the eclipse from happening here.

  4. criss aranda says:

    Asu q hermoso seria verlo con tus propios ojos

  5. fozzenlegger says:

    north west germany was full of clouds yesterday, I saw only grey sky ;(((

  6. Dennis Gilmore says:

    Men I wish i could see an eclipse again, last time i saw one i was in the
    fourth grade

  7. Crunch Taco says:

    Save the cheerleader, save the world. 

  8. Adit Adit says:

    Indonesia kok ngk gerhana ya

  9. Adwa Nanda says:


  10. Amy - Senpai says:

    *watching at le school*

    *is obsessed with Astronomy*

    _*practically fapping to this*


    *it was awesome though!!*

  11. Jack Mettrick says:

    I live in Yorkshire which is in the North of England, but when I looked at
    it,it wasn’t as good as that, did.t even go dark 🙁 such a disappointment

  12. empalme sonora says:


  13. Slenderanimal Aj says:

    In uk we didn’t have a big one we had like a half of the moon in front of
    the sun btw it happened when I was in school lol

  14. Vathana Ravi says:


  15. Charith Tharaka says:

    It Happened

  16. Kieran Shaw says:

    Wish I was there. It was great

  17. tehmlgquickscoper 10 says:

    1:23 it’s der Riese cod waw

  18. Insplisity says:

    Footage of last night’s total solar #eclipse.

  19. The Lazy Reaper says:

    This was the second time in my life that I cursed clouds, the first time
    was the solar eclipse ten years ago. The waether in Sweden loves to fuck
    with me.

  20. Taag Tagg says:

    ,well scenery ♠