Solo: A Star Wars Story “Big Game” TV Spot (:45)

Solo: A Star Wars Story “Big Game” TV Spot (:45)

Solo: A Star Wars Story. Trailer Tomorrow. In theaters May 25.

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61 Responses

  1. john 119w says:

    #1 Trending

  2. James Street says:

    I’ve got a…good feeling about this.

  3. Christian Beaty says:

    I liked TFA, I loved R1, and I loved TLJ. I hope I will love this one just as much.

  4. Dᴀɴɪᴇʟ Nᴇʟsᴏɴ says:

    how do you ruin the star wars theme?

  5. I'mBatmanAndIKnowIt says:

    This movie is almost dystopian in how bad/corporately made it looks.

  6. Joey M says:

    Looks laughingly bad, like a movie a person in elementary school would make for class to make fun of star wars

  7. Yoda Loves Luke says:

    First of all, it’s Star Wars, so it won’t flop. Even if it is bad (which it probably won’t be), it will still be successful. Right now, i’m just waiting for an Ewan Obi Wan film and i’ll be set for life.

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      Oh, it will be terrible. Believe it, and accept it. Haven’t you heard about the behind the scenes drama? Good lord sir! Of course it will still make decent money though. Because Disney is good at manipulating idiots into giving them more money.

    • TheBluntfulTruth says:

      The Last Jedi was a flop. Whatchu mean?

  8. R2-D2 says:

    What happened to all the haters who hated the movie even before the trailer was released ? I can’t heat you! This movie is gonna be epic! I have a good feeling about this.

  9. Anti Elric48 says:

    Boring: A Star Wars Teaser

  10. AnthonyYouTubeFan says:

    Well, I’m in. But, then again, considering I pretty much got singed by a lackluster, frustrating, incoherent, disconnected, disappointing Saga installment called, The Last Jedi, I have to see it, to get the Star Wars Fix I assumed I was going to get in abundance in mid-December 2017, w/ Solo being a great follow-up/dessert in late Spring/early Summer 2018. In this case, Han’s Star Wars Story is going to have to be BOTH the grand meal and the dessert. I think Disney may be surprised by how well this MIGHT do, esp. in contrast to the (overall) middling success of Episode VIII. Ron Howard, Mr. Kasdan and Junior Kasdan, help Us…you’re Our only hope (’til JJ hopefully sets right what has been unimaginably made wrong in The Skywalker Saga)…

  11. Teodor says:

    Can’t be worst than Last Jedi

  12. SP SA says:

    Man, I wonder what his name was…

  13. gigawingbolt says:

    This spot is better than the entire The Last Jedi movie.

    So, good sign.

  14. Scooterrito says:

    Don’t get your hopes up, guys. Remember the last three movies.

  15. Hello V says:

    Calrissian: A Brotha Story

  16. D Debeli says:

    Best movie ever, 10/10, I was at the Disney premiere and it brought tears to my eyes. IF you don’t like the movie, you’re a 1)sexist, 2) bot, 3)racist. Can’t wait for Episode IX !

  17. dvstokyo says:

    *Shadow of the Empire game?*

    The first Star Wars movie that I am not interested because the last jedi, so sad…

    • Jorge Gonzalez says:

      I know TLJ sucks as TFA does but Rogue One was solid, what this people can’t do is write a sequel that makes heck of sense and respects old characters, but spin off n prequels? They can do that I think. This has to be better than TLJ.

    • optiprimas says:

      apparently some people dont understand that these movies are made by completely different people smh

    • P H says:

      Taig Salt
      People like you make me hate the world. People have opinions mate that they can voice. Jesus Christ.

    • zeromnia says:

      dvstokyo if you’re not interested because of the other movie, why were you interested in seeing trailer?

  18. Dance Diva says:

    As much as I love ♥️ Star Wars this is the only one in the saga I am not excited about… ??? seriously ? Disney ???

  19. Jim B. says:

    *Sponsored by Solo, the #1 cup used for beer pong!*

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